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Keeping a happy marriage together is no easy task. With researchers citing a 67% divorce rate over a 40 year period, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the real reason you are getting married, your relationship.

The Marriage Foundations™, pre marriage program was designed with you in mind to help brides and grooms not just get married, but actually stay married for life in a healthy, loving relationship, where you don't lose sight of each other as the years go on. The Marriage Foundations™ classes are upbeat, fun, and personalized to your own unique relationship. Below is some feedback from couples whose lives have been changed by the investment they made in their future together.

How much is your marriage worth? Marriage Foundations™ can benefit you for a lifetime. Fun, upbeat, insightful... as one medical doctor and his bride put it, "Enlightening"1.

The Law Student and the Office Manager - "I would highly recommend this class to anyone in a serious relationship, the classes help put marriage in the perspective it needs to be."

"The main benefit for me was the road map for a successful, life long relationship."

Ben & Teresa  - Dublin, Ohio

The Medical Doctor and the Pilot/Flight Instructor - “…the subjects that we covered and that were selected for the class were very important and the material extraordinarily helpful.”

Andy & Ashley– Columbus, Ohio

The Law Enforcement Officer and the Teacher - "The sessions were personalized and highly tailored towards our relationship. We gained and increased sense of trust in our relationship and in our ability to communicate openly. Our experience was very positive and informative."

"There is nothing that we would have liked to have seen done differently (in the classes). We have decided to continue the classes after our marriage."

Brent & Sarah  - Canal Winchester, Ohio

FEES - Brides and grooms choose from a program starting at just $330 (less than 0.35 per day over 3 years) with no-interest payment plans available, and major credit cards accepted. Call or email for more information.

1 - Jason & Donna, Columbus, Ohio - married Summer 2011