Sand Ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory

Being a wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio allows me to experience many "special" ceremonies that couples, and sometimes families, include. For Pam & Rick the sand flows at Franklin Park Conservatory in a symphony of colors as this blended family combines their sand into one vase. As their wedding minister I had fun officiating this part of their ceremony. Here the height of the sand is at the inscribed letters.

Now the sand moves above the letters.



A few final grains poured by one serious participant. If you look closely you can actually see the last bit of sand between vases.

















Now the finished product! Doesn't it look great?




Maybe you are wondering where to obtain various colors of sand if you were to use this ceremony for your wedding. You can conduct a Google search for sand ceremony kits and you will find companies like Sandsational Sparkle that sell many colors and styles. Enjoy!

All images in this entry are courtesy of Open Prism Photography and photographer, Rebekah King. You can call Rebekah at 614-653-9082.