If You Want It to Last

Marriage is a wonderful and glorious estate to achieve. I perform many weddings here in Columbus, Ohio and, as a wedding officiant and marriage coach, I believe it is among the highest of all human conditions and elevates a man and a woman to a greater place than if they were alone. Romantic love between a man and woman leading to the committed love of marriage is truly amazing. Nothing will affect your life more than your own marriage if entered into seriously. But marriage gets hard. You have seen it. So often it starts out in a way that appears to be easy, but then....reality sets in. Knowledge and self-education can help you keep it together.

I have a statement that I like to use during the Marriage FoundationsTM classes we offer for those who want their marriage to last for life. It is simply, "You will sacrifice major portions of yourself FOR your marriage; OR you will sacrifice your marriage". There is no middle ground. It is the blending of two unique lives and both must contribute to make the marriage survive and thrive. Often, it is not easy but the rewards are profound and lifelong.