Jaime & Janae - Cheers Chalet, Lancaster OH

Here is a bride and groom I will not soon forget. As a wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio (sometimes called a wedding minister), I have the privilege of getting to know so many wonderful couples. Jaime and his lovely bride, Janae, were married at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster, Ohio.

                                            Jaime and Janae were kind enough to share some photographs with me so that you can share a bit of their day by reading my blog. 

















Jaime and Janae share their first kiss as husband and wife! What a special moment. Here is a portion of their ceremony before they kiss, said with much celebration: "Jaime and Janae, now that you have exchanged your vows on this beautiful day of celebration and joy, and along with you family, friends, and honored guests wishing you many long years of happiness, prosperity and love. It is my honor and privilege to now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!" 










The happy couple surrounded by bubbles and love!





















Here is another great shot as husband and wife.



















I love the look of contentment on Janae's face and joy on Jaime's as they bask in the glow of married love filling the air. Jaime & Janae, may all your days be filled with abundant blessings from this day forward!