Wedding Venues: Darby House, Historic and Hip.

I visited with Kate Brooks over at Darby House. I was there planning for an upcoming wedding and we talked about baseball, world history and horse races. It was a lot of fun. There is so much history at Darby, and the staff and scenery are awesome. Kate is not only pleasant and professional, but a lot of fun too. Here we were joking about how we should pose for the picture. Kate is the one on the left!

Kate told me a funny story about how John Galbreath, founder of Darby Dan Farm (upon which Darby House was built), messed up when he had dinner with Queen Elizabeth in England. He innocently violated some codes of behavior with the Queen, and even gave her a hug! John was so embarrassed when he learned that he crossed lines of proper conduct. Upon returning he was upset that he had ruined his relationship with the Queen of England. Oh well, even the rich and powerful can get it wrong. They are, after all, human. However the story ends on an unexpected note when the Queen and John later become great friends. He thenceforth supplied horses on a regular basis to Her Majesty. Now get this, on the wall at Darby House I saw a hand written letter from the Queen, thanking John for an anniversary gift. Very cool.

Darby House is the only place in the world where, in the same room, there are two World Series trophies (Pirates,1960 and 71), and trophies for the Kentucky Derby, and the English Derby. Many sports conversations start and continue here during events.  The painting above me is by the famous sports painter, LeRoy Neiman. Although not the best photo, you can see one of the World Series trophies, too. (This time, Kate is the one on the right!)

If you would like to find out more about a tasteful location that's filled with history and incredible charm, then contact the staff at Darby House. You can email Kate directly at or call 614-878-4527.