positive actions. positive results.

Today's Marriage Tip

The experience of marriage can be blessed or cursed, the full range of possibilities are present. It would be safe to say that most people in America marry today for the possibility that their lives will gain something positive by the union. And they are accurate. Most do. But when a marriage goes bad it can be the most trying of experiences. Marriage forces you to face things about yourself. It unearths what we are made of on the inside. It is unlike other relationships. It is for better or worse because both realities exist, coming from each spouse at any given time. Some days I am at my worst and my wife supports me. Some days my wife is not at her best and I support her. Some days we are at our best and we both greatly enjoy it. (Other days when we are both at our worst…well, never mind. Those are the days we’d rather forget!)

Growing together in love in marriage has been a highly rewarding and enriching experience for us. It has added to our lives immeasurably. But we had to come to terms with the idea that there are trials and difficulties to overcome along the way, and at times those trials will test the limits of your relationship. I encourage you; do not give up on each other. Realize you are both human and you both need each other. And forgive each other for your faults, and offenses. If you’ve had a fight, you be the first one to make up! Don’t let the sun go down on your anger.

If you take action in a positive direction for your relationship, you will often get positive results, (or at least get the ball rolling that way). Positive outcomes come from positive actions. Of all human institutions, your marriage is a great place to invest extra effort and love. It’s your marriage. It’s your life. Make the best of it!