You're on the same team

Today's Marriage Tip

Okay, so you are stressed and are feeling disconnected from your mate, and maybe a little resentful. I find that when I am stressed I am more likely to react in anger. I am more likely to be judgmental, and more likely to blame. But what happens when we are blamed or judged? We get defensive and hurt. We become much more likely to respond in anger. Hurtful words come most easily from the one we love.

What can you do? Try to step back, take a breath, and attempt to look at what is being said objectively.  Remember, your spouse is not your enemy. You may need to discuss some things but do so with the idea that "we are friends" and "we are on the SAME team" not opposing ones. These stressful situations are opportunities to learn more about your spouse and yourself. As you communicate in the ways that work well for you, through all the trials, you will grow closer together if you side with each other. You may not agree and you may argue a bit, but you are on the same team. Choose to do the loving thing for your spouse and yourself today. Your marriage is worth it.