"Hands off my marriage!"

You have been married for a while and life has gotten pretty busy. You both still love each other but things have gotten...well...cloudier. The sweetness that used to be present with such ease is now less evident or gone. You've become less interested in each other, or you are busy in life's rat-race and you find yourself wondering, "Where’s the 'us' in this marriage?"

There is nothing in your life that can take the place of your spouse or your marriage. It's time to make some adjustments. You must make changes or matters could become worse leaving you with a potential disaster.

"Where can we find time?” you ask. You may not be able to find the time - you may have to make the time. If you have so many commitments, including to your children, and no time to properly nurture your relationship with your spouse - you are like many people. You are over-committed. There is no other option but to take action and alter your priorities. Ask yourself some hard questions like:"What would I rather have, a lasting connected relationship with my spouse, or.....this new boat that requires an extra job or hours to obtain .....soccer, music lessons, and karate for my child....or... fill in the blank?!

You need each other to have a marriage; you don't need all the other commitments to have a marriage. You may need to stand up, take action, and say to those other matters clamoring for your time and attention, "Hands off my marriage!" If you do, you will be moving your relationship in a positive direction with hope for the future. Fight for your marriage! It is by far one of the best things you can do for yourself, your spouse, or your children.