Priscila & Brett Personalize their ceremony

Sometimes the only words that are fitting are words directly from the heart. Priscila & Brett added a depth of heart and soul to their ceremony that could be felt by those present. Let's listen in to their love for each other as we take a glimpse of their ceremony together...

Brett to Priscila: "I remember a trip we took to San Francisco in Dec of 2007. We were down by city hall walking and exploring the city, and there was a moment, where I looked at her and felt that she was so beautiful. But the feeling was way beyond the physical beauty - it was like I was seeing all her warmth, positive outlook, intelligence, unselfish and giving nature… all of her was coming through in her eyes, sparkling and aware."

Priscila to Brett: "I first loved Brett as a talented, beautiful musician many, many years ago. Then I really felt in love with him when we started dating everyday and I got to feel his heart, soul and his great spirits. Our relationship is fascinating to me from many angles. He brings the best out of me, and I'm so thankful to him for that."

"Brett is super sensitive, caring and nurturing. He is loving and loyal, protective and crazy sweet, an incredible talent and a giver to mankind."                                                                    

Thanks Priscila and Brett for your permission to share these words. May your friendship and love continue to grow and prosper.

Your own words for each other can add more than any words from a book. Give it a try, it may be just right for you.