wedding venues - Heritage Golf Club

Outdoor weddings can be such a beautiful experience. I met with Jody Meyer, Sales and Catering Director, the other day at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard. We went outside to see the layout for ceremonies and do some planning. The day was splendid...virtually cloudless and therefore, a lot of sun. That is why our eyes are squinting! I will be officiating for several weddings at Heritage this year and have already completed one, which went very well.

There can be a great deal that goes into a successful outdoor ceremony, coordination among all parties involved as well as weather considerations can make it a challenge. Jody does a fantastic job and has a friendly demeanor that enhances her professionalism and extraordinary attention to details.


In this photo you can see some of the natural beauty at Heritage behind Jody and me. I can't remember exactly what we were discussing here. I was joking with my photographer, Rebekah, posing the idea that I had discovered a wedding ring under my feet from a previous ceremony!

I use a simple technique in my ceremonies to keep the rings from being accidentally dropped. By placing your left hand on top of your right and cupping it, the ring can be placed safely in the palm of your hand where you can easily grasp it with the fingers of your right hand, to then be place upon the ring finger of your bride or groom. If you are left handed, reverse the order and place your right hand on top of your left.


Michelle Garber is the receptionist at Heritage. She took a few minutes out of her busy day to visit. I will be officiating her ceremony later this month and I expect it to be a very beautiful wedding. Again, you can see some of the beauty of Heritage, and it is even moreso now that some time has passed since this I was there.




Michelle will be having an outdoor wedding. As part of her personalized ceremony we will be incorporating the sand ceremony. Some couples prefer the unity candle and also use the rose ceremony...yet using sand is becoming more and more popular. The bride and groom will each have sand of a different color. I like them to start with creating a layered effect (reflecting their individuality) and then blending into a new color to symbolize their union as one in marriage. Children can be part of the blending of the sands also, with their own unique color. This can be a very nice way to make them feel included in the wedding.


It was a lot of fun visiting Heritage with Jody and Michelle. As you can see, the landscape is fabulous. I recommend Heritage as a great place for weddings, events, and don't too. You can contact Jody at 614-684-7112 or by email at