Jamie & Jason - North bank park pavilion

A privilege and an honor, Jamie and Jason were an amazing couple. They have an awesome story about how their lives came together and how they eventually discovered that they were meant to be together. Some may call it fate; others, destiny. Still others, divine intervention. Once you have met them you become quickly convinced that Jason & Jamie are two people whose lives were destined to cross, so that they could be one as husband and wife for all of their days.

This was a truly awesome wedding! Jamie and Jason personalized their ceremony with an Irish wedding custom known as handfasting to honor Jason's Irish heritage. Jamie selected some extremely tasteful cords and ribbons, and they both were filled with great emotion and feeling as you can see.

An enjoyable occasion throughout. We were having a lot of fun which is easy to do when you are with this couple.

Okay, you two... Ready? You may kiss the bride!

Let's try that again. (I'm sure that you realize these photos are from two separate sequences in different parts of the ceremony but I thought I'd have some fun).





Jamie and Jason. May their union be blessed forever!
















Do you think this couple is happy to be married?

No guesswork here.














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