wedding venues - a visit to kelton house

I had a chance to visit Kelton House in Columbus, Ohio. This place is simply loaded with history. This is a great place to have a wedding and connect with the history of the area at the same time. Kelton House was part of the underground railroad, helping runaway slaves reach freedom in Canada. Americans who helped could be thrown in jail.

We are going to have a look at some of what's inside. You will see some of the original china below. Would you like to have tea with the wife of Mr. Fernando Cortez Kelton, Sofia Kelton, or stop by for a visit? Not so easy. It had to be announced in the paper beforehand. Also, ladies who visited were slated for only 20 minutes. Oh yeah, and if you were dressed better than Mrs. Kelton, she would head back upstairs to dress better than you, then she would invite you in! Talk about fashion nightmares.

The history of this place is what makes it fun to have a wedding here. My daughter and photographer, Rebekah, poses with me as Chuck Miller snaps the shot.

Please contact Chuck Miller at Kelton House in order to find out how you can make your wedding connect with history in a very real and profound way. It can add a lot of meaning to any event.

Chuck's phone number is 614-464-2022. His email address is

If you want to check out some cool wedding shots you can follow this link, Kelton House. As the wedding officiant for a couple who got married there recently, I hope to have some additional photos soon.