Sand Ceremony

Holiday Weddings, Often Unforgettable - Dock 580

As a wedding officiant I see marriages all year long and here I was at Dock 580 venue in Columbus, Ohio! Helene and Michael were the bride and groom and they chose a sand ceremony to add meaning and symbolism as two people, and two families, became one! The extra jars of sand were for the groom's children and the completed ceremony demonstrates the union of all the members of this new family, now inseparable! 

Wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio at venue dock 580 for marriage of Helene and MichaelMarriage License ready for wedding officiant to sign; and Helene and Michael's sand ceremony at Dock 580 in Columbus, Ohio!Jean took this picture! Michael and Helene, it is a joy to be a part of your lives and we wish you all the very best in the years ahead! Damian & Jean

Joelle & Jacob at the Vault!

I was the officiant for another fun wedding at the Vault in Columbus Ohio! This indoor ceremony for Joelle and Jacob was filled with joy and meaning. A few words that I was privileged to share are listed below this photograph!

Wedding Officiant in Columbus Ohio, at the Vault, Damian KingDamian King is the wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio, at the Vault for Joelle and Jacob's celebration!"A relationship grew stronger by the aid of their friends. And blossomed into love, by the support of their families. And that’s when Jacob realized, it wasn’t really fate that brought them together.  It’s been said, that fate is nothing more than the crossing of preparation and opportunity. The day that Joelle met Jacob was the opportunity.  But they had been in preparation for that opportunity their entire lives.  A preparation that came from everyone in this room.  Parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, friends and colleagues."

They also conducted their own Sand Ceremony! Here is the wording they used - "Joelle and Jacob, today you join your separate lives together. The two separate bottles of sand symbolize your separate lives, separate families and separate sets of friends. They represent who you are as an individual. They also represent your lives before today. As these two containers of sand are poured into the third container, the individual containers of sand will no longer exist, but will be joined together as one." 

(Sand is poured here) "Just as these grains of sand can never be separated and poured again into the individual containers, so will your marriage be."

Their sand ceremony was then followed by a special ceremony for their parents! Roses were presented as these words were spoken... 

"This wedding celebration is a joining of two unique families who stood separate until today.  Today we unite these families by the marriage of Joelle and Jacob.  Now as an extension of their love for each other Joelle and Jacob will present a rose to their parents.  They would also like to acknowledge the love and sacrifice that each parent has made to make their children who they are today. The giving of this rose is a symbol of honor, love and gratitude. It says, we value you mom & dad, today and always. Thank you for all you have done. We will always be grateful."

It was a very special day and their family and friends were so glad to be part of such a time of celebration with the ones they love.

The artistic images in this entry are courtesy of Dan Buckley of Dan Buckley Photography. You can view more of Dan's fine professional work by visiting the link to his website provided. Dan's phone number and email address are 614-288-4427 and

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Danielle & Bill at Brookshire in Delaware!

Bill and Danielle asked me to be their officiant for their wedding celebration at Brookshire Premiere Event Facility near Columbus, Ohio. Brookshire sits off Route 23 about 8 miles north of I-270 in Delaware, Ohio. In this photo below I am posing with this happy couple. Danielle and Bill have a true sense of humor and also are some of the most caring people with whom I have had the pleasure to celebrate.

United Marriage Services , LLC Wedding officiant Columbus, Ohio at Brookshire Premiere Event Facility in DelawareWedding officiant, Damian King of Columbus Ohio stands with Danielle & Bill after their ceremony at Brookshire in Delaware. Their sand ceremony was distinctly unique. You see, this bride and groom are soldiers serving the USA and living to protect our freedoms. They obtained the grounding layer of sand from Omaha Beach on the shores of Normandy, France. If you have seen Steven Spielberg's movie "Saving Private Ryan" you have experienced a depiction of the devastation that took place on Omaha Beach, and the profound loss of lives endured when Americans began to liberate Europe from the Germans. So this grounding layer was extraordinary.

Wedding officiant Damian King of Columbus, Ohio at Brookshire Premiere Event Facility in DelawareDanielle & Bill's beautiful sand ceremony after their wedding at Brookshire Premiere Event Facility near Columbus, Ohio.In this photo we were discussing just how special their own sand ceremony was and as we contemplated how fortunate we are to have men and women who are willing to live to defend the cause of freedom. They were both so humble about their own service to our country.

Ohio wedding officiant, Damian King, of Columbus talks to bride and groom, Danielle and Bill about their sand ceremonyWedding Officiant, Damian King, reflects with Danielle & Bill about their sand ceremony at Brookshire near Columbus, Ohio. This was a touching day in so many ways. I was very happy to have been able to celebrate with these two very special people. 

Photos in this entry were provided by Missy Gray. Missi does not have a website yet but her email address is

Danielle and Bill, I wish you all the best in your years together as husband and wife!

Thanks for the privilege of celebrating with you as your officiant on your wedding day in Columbus Ohio!

Alison & Justin! - Heritage Golf Club

I had the privilege to celebrate as the officiant at Alison and Justin's wedding in Columbus, Ohio. We were at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard and looking at the picture below you can feel the love and tenderness this couple shares. Alison and Justin marry in Columbus, Ohio. Their wedding officiant was Damian King.Alison and Justin enjoy a tender moment at Heritage Golf Club wedding venue in Hilliard, OhioThis venue is a fantastic place to have a wedding. The atmosphere is light and the food is amazing. The Sales and Catering Manager, Jody Unger, does a fabulous job and she truly cares. She is very sensitive to each couples needs and works tirelessly to see that each wedding is a unique and memorable experience.

In the photograph below, We are just having a little fun during the ceremony. I forget exactly what was said but the bride and groom were enjoying each moment. Wedding officiant Damian King laughs in Columbus Ohio at Alison and Justin's ceremonyWedding officiant, Damian King, laughs with Alison and Justin in Columbus, OhioJustin reads personal vows he prepared.Officiant Damian King hears personal vows read by Justin at wedding in Columbus OhioThe groom reads personal vows to his bride. A very touching moment. For a moment the emotions he feels breaks through and we are all touched. Justin expresses emotion for his bride during his wedding ceremony in Hilliard, OhioThe groom expresses some emotion for the bride he loves.Here is a shot of me receiving their rings.Damian is given wedding ring in Columbus Ohio. He was officiant for Alison and Justin at HeritageDamian King receives the wedding rings at Heritage Golf Club in Columbus, Ohio. Now Alison reads her incredible personal vows for Justin. It was very hot that day, but the joy of these moments overshadowed the summer heat. Wedding ceremony personal vows read by Alison at Heritage Golf Club in ColumbusBride's turn. Alison reads personal vows to her groom, Justin.Alison receives Justin's ring while I hold the personal vows she just read to her groom. Amazing.Damian King holds Alison's personal vows. The officiant places ring in her hand at Columbus, OhioAlison receives Justin's wedding ring as Damian holds her personal vows. I had the honor of reading some things about this loving couple. Part of their ceremony went like this. From Alison, "On Saturday, June 19, while in Wisconsin and on the way to a going away party for him, we passed by the kickball field that held so much meaning for us. Justin suggested we go look around one last time. Columbus, Ohio wedding. Officiant Damian King looks on as Alison places ring on Justin's fingerAlison places Justin's wedding ring on his finger at Heritage Golf Club."As we got out of the car and started walking around Justin began reminiscing about the first time he saw me, the first time he talked to me, and the first time he thought I might be a 'cool girl'.  Then he said we had so many good memories on the kickball field, why not have one more.  Then he got down on one knee and proposed.  Of course I said 'yes' and here we are, getting married! Sand Ceremony for their wedding in Columbus, Ohio. Damian prepares to read.Alison and Justin prepare for their sand ceremony at their wedding in Columbus, Ohio."Justin’s sweet and gentle nature keeps me sane when things get crazy.  We fit together perfectly.  Because He lets me do things that are unique to my life and my personality, I feel even more love for Justin. When we are together, we are completely together and pay attention to each other.  Justin always listens to me and more importantly actually remembers what I say, sometimes even better than I do!  By listening and paying attention I can tell that he really does love and care for me.  I have a hectic life and I am very busy but Justin has such a calm demeanor that spending time with him is an instant stress reliever.  I also know that I can count on Justin for anything.   I feel we are true partners.  I think it helps that both sets of our parents have been married for so long that we have great examples of what it takes to be in a good marriage.  Being with Justin makes life easier.  I never realized how much I was missing until I met Justin.  Now I can’t imagine my life without him." 
As their officiant Damian King presents Alison and Justin at their wedding in Columbus, OhioWedding officiant, Damian King, presents the happy newlyweds in Columbus, Ohio.Now from Justin. Be prepared to smile and laugh.
"Alison was my first girlfriend. All those little cues and lessons you pick up in a relationship I didn't have when we first met.
I didn't know how long to wait to ask a girl out. When you got their phone number how long till you call, television shows told me if you call too soon she'll think you’re desperate. Most importantly, I was brand new at picking up and giving out the signs for when you want to kiss someone for the first time. My first plan went like this... Time for Damian to sign the marriage license after wedding ceremony in Columbus OhioHappy couple and happy bridesmaids! Alison and Justin, now married!"We were hiking in a state park. I knew there was a great view at the top. I imagined us looking out at the view and then sharing our first kiss. It would be magical. We reached the top of the trail and I sat down looking out - Step one for my big chance. However, although I was sitting she did not sit down and instead continuing right past me on the trail! I was kicking myself that night."
Wedding ceremony now over, the happy bride and groom look to the future."My life has been forever changed by you, my love. I see my future in your eyes.""It was the next time… we went out to a movie. Afterwards we headed back to her place and talked on the couch. The whole time in my head I was saying to myself 'KISS HER', but I was too afraid. It got late and it was time for me to leave. She opened the door and I started to leave. There I am … in the doorway. If I continue leaving maybe it will never happens for us. Instead I turn around and tell her 'There's just one more thing.' Perhaps she could read my eyes saying 'I really want to kiss you, but don't know how.' She reached out, grabbed my shirt, pulled me to her, and planted one on me. Needless to say when I left, I was on cloud nine. The more and more time I spent with her the more I realized how much we had in common. She liked BattleStar Galactica, I like BattleStar Galactica. She loved board games, I love board games. She liked chicken …. well, it’s a good thing because she is going eat a lot of chicken if we're going out together. (Justin loves chicken). When she moved to St. Louis… I remember fighting back tears the whole ride back to Madison. I remember how much I hated that six hour drive, but how much I loved seeing her when I got there. I don't know for sure when I knew we'd be in it for the long haul. What I do know is that in that doorway she didn't grab my shirt, she grabbed my heart, and I'm still on cloud nine." Wedding officiant, Damian King has signed the marriage license. In Columbus, Ohio Alison and Justin dance into their future."I know you'll never leave my side. I enjoy every moment with you."All photographs were provided by Aperture Photography, and the work of Hristina Panovska and Paul Rentler. Please visit their website by selecting the link provided. You can also call Aperture at 614-432-2980 and the email address is

Live music was provided by the talented Supertonic String Quartet. Heritage Golf Club is a member of Wedding Professionals of Columbus. You can reads more about them at WeddingWire and the knot.

Alison and Justin, being a part of your celebration was such a wonderful experience. Thanks for the honor of serving as your wedding officiant the day you were married in Columbus, Ohio!    

Let's Celebrate! Allison & Thomas - Married!

Let's begin the wedding fun! Thomas and Allison celebrate their marriage in Columbus, Ohio. Officiant Damian King is off to the left, Brian from True Video wedding videographer captures imagesThe newly married couple, Allison and Thomas, are ecstatic at Heritage Golf Club in greater Columbus, Ohio.They could not have asked for a better day. As their officiant I had the honor of helping Allison and Thomas design a ceremony that was just right for them. They personalized it by exchanging vows they wrote to each other, and also by asking me to share stories about how they met and fell in love. It was an incredible celebration filled with love, laughter, and an abundance of good feelings by all those who attended in any capacity. Wedding officiant Damian King in Columbus Ohio at Heritage Golf ClubWedding officiant, Damian King, in Columbus, Ohio for a beautiful and solemn moment with Allison and Thomas.I had just pronounced them husband and wife and it was a very special moment when Allison and Thomas kissed. I have some video on this too. True Video filmed it but if you follow this link to the knot you can see this amazing ceremony kiss in the second video listed (as of today). Bride and groom's wedding day kiss, officiant Damian King looks onYou may kiss the bride! The newly married couple seal their moment at Heritage Golf Club, in greater Columbus, Ohio.You can see how happy Allison and Thomas are as they walk the aisle as husband and wife. Cool! The happy bride holds her bouquet in Columbus Ohio. Who has the marriage license?Allison & Thomas walk the aisle at Heritage Golf Club, Hilliard, Ohio.This photo should be in a magazine or on a TV commercial. The couple exits the stable with an incredible horse... best man standing to the left and the bridesmaids to the right. Truly picturesque. Beautiful bride with groom. Best man and bridesmaids in this Red Gallery photoThomas and Allison enjoy more company after their wedding in Columbus, Ohio.Who can put a price on a moment like this? A sweet gaze of love and friendship. "I will love you for all of my life." This couple had a wonderful journey to find each other and some magical moments where they had a taste of eternity. Here is an actual section of their ceremony, keep reading...Red Gallery Photography captures Allison and Thomas' loving embraceMarried to the one I love. Thomas and Allison on their wedding day. "Their paths crossed and an inexplicable, never before felt electricity surged through her body and she felt as if time had come to a brief stand still.  They were experiencing a divine moment that would begin the journey of their lives together. On the stairs she asked if he was “the Hungarian” that the fellas were talking about.  The beauty in this is found in the fact that there are not many Hungarians in Chicago, and they both share a Hungarian lineage." What was Thomas experiencing?  In the grooms own words, “I was floored by her immediately.” There is more to their story and we also shared these words at their wedding having to do with the early days of their relationship... A sweet kiss, Allison and Thomas. Marriage license has been signedSweet moments not soon to be forgotten. My wife, my husband, "I am yours.""Throughout that entire weekend, they were giddy as school children with their hidden feelings for one another.  An amazing photo, Lisa from Red Gallery Photography captures bride and groomRight now, all I see is you. Will you be my love? As the weekend on the farm came to a close, Thomas said his farewells to the amazing family he had just met, but they were both secretly thinking within themselves of when would be the next time they would be able to gaze upon one another." Beautiful wedding, Officiant Damian King, was glad to be a part in Columbus Ohio"All of life is sweeter, with you by my side." Allison and Thomas in Columbus, Ohio.This leads us to the story of their first kiss, also part of their ceremony... "Some romantic encounters laced with destiny and magic are found only in fantasy, but when Thomas and Allison first kissed they both said to themselves independently of each other, 'I am not going to mess this one up.' Something divine was at work and it caused these two people to know and understand that they were meant for each other."

Now married, Allison and Thomas in Columbus, Ohio with wedding at venue, Heritage GolfAllison and Thomas - Ready for life together after their wedding at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard Ohio.

The photographs in this entry are the work of Lisa Hernadez of Red Gallery Photography. Clay Justice and Lisa are husband and wife team and their work simply speaks for itself. Amazing. Please contact Clay or Lisa by clicking on the link provided or by calling 614-794-1113. Their email is and their office in in greater Columbus, Ohio.

Thomas and Allison, thanks for asking me to be a part of what you have found in each other as your wedding officiant. It is my privilege to have celebrated with you on your special day!

Throughout that entire weekend, they were giddy as school children with their hidden feelings for one another.  As the weekend on the farm came to a close, Thomas said his farewells to the amazing family he had just met, but they were both secretly thinking within themselves of when would be the next time they would be able to gaze upon one another. 


Lei & Jeff - The Blackwell at OSU

Here is a couple I will not soon forget. I had the honor of being the wedding officiant at the Blackwell at OSU in Columbus, Ohio for this beautiful couple, Lei & Jeff! The following photographs are truly precious. It is as if you can actually feel their love for each other as you view these images. I will let the next few speak for themselves...

Here is a small part of the story of their love that was actually read as part of their ceremony. I enjoyed every precious moment...

"As we reflect on the journey traveled thus far by Lei and Jeff, it is truly a beautiful story. Even though Lei and Jeff were both born and raised from a country halfway around the world, they met and fell in love here at OSU. It was by the steps of Fisher that they made a promise, a promise to journey together, to walk side by side in both joyful and challenging times. We are together here today at this symbolic location, to witness the marriage of Lei and Jeff, as they take another significant step together on their journey through life."

Below they share in their sand ceremony which reflects the joining of their lives as one. A man and woman, now husband and wife. The most incredible union known on earth.

Below is a moment of joyous celebration! Weddings should be joyful, fun, happy and personal; something that the bride and groom will remember for a lifetime.

A final shot filled with flair! Lei & Jeff are not only very much in love with each other, they also are very sweet people who love life and try to enjoy the good things found along the way. They are happy to be taking this journey together!

I wish you, Lei & Jeff all the Best that this life has to offer. May your years be rich and blessed.

All their photographs were by the same photographer listed in an earlier bog entry. They have asked not to be credited due to moving out of the wedding industry. I really wish I could credit them, because they do marvelous work. My deepest thanks for the use of your photos.

The other vendors who served Lei & Jeff were of course, The Blackwell. Call and talk to Blaire Blechinger (614) 247-4006 who will give you amazing service. Nathan Nazack of Prodigy Video (614) 321-9350 was their wonderful videographer. Their live music was performed by Fiddles and Faces.

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a great day!

Pam & Rick at Franklin Park Conservatory

Wedding officiant Damian King with RickFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King and RickHaving a wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio is always such a great experience. After Pam and Rick asked me to be their wedding officiant I had the pleasure of celebrating their union in the Palm House. The Palm House may be hot, but it is still a cool place to tie the knot!

I apologize for the lame humor, but I couldn't resist. Besides, Pam and Rick were a lot of fun to celebrate with! There were many smiles, some jokes, and a great deal of fun and joy as this couple became husband and wife. In this picture to the left, Rick and I are waiting peacefully for Pam who can be seen in the foreground during her bridal walk.





Their ceremony is now underway as I adjust my glasses.

Wedding officiant Damian King with Pam and RickFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King with Pam and Rick

Something funny is now said. I can't remember if it was me, Pam or Rick who said it, but we were all enjoying the moment.

Damian King the wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatoryFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King with Pam and Rick 2Pam and Rick exchange vows. Let's be sure the ring is secure.

Ring Ceremony with wedding officiant Damian King in ColumbusFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King with Pam and Rick 3Sweet feelings arise. I just love their expressions.

In Columbus Ohio with wedding officiant Damian King at Franklin Park ConservatoryFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King, OfficiantNow, their sand ceremony with their children's involvement. How cool is that?

Sand Ceremony with wedding officiant Damian KingSand Ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory - Damian King OfficiantWedding officiant Damian King pronounces Pam and Rick husband and wife at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioPam and Rick now Husband and Wife - Franklin Park Conservatory 


Pam and Rick are excited to be husband and wife!









Wedding officiant Damian King watches Pam kiss Rick at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioPam says, "Let's Kiss" - Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory











Come here my love, let's kiss!

Wedding officiant Damian King from United Marriage Services LLC watching kiss at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioPam and Rick Kiss - Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory





















Although spontaneous, Rick agrees. Damian King as wedding officiant with Pam and Rick in Palm House weddingPam and Rick in Palm House, Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park Conservatory





















Rick's smile tells it all. Wedding Officiant Damian King in Palm House in Columbus Ohio with Pam and RickPam and Rick in Palm House, Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park Conservatory 2


















Tearful joy and sheer contentment!


Pam and Rick, thanks for asking me to be a part of this awesome day! May you enjoy all your days together and may they be filled with much love, joy, and zest for life!


All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Open Prism Photography and the artistic work of Rebekah King. Rebekah can be contacted by calling 614-653-9082. You can also visit her website by following the link provided.

Violinist, Connie Anderson, filled the air with beautiful music. Connie can be reached by calling 614-746-0393.      Her email is

Sand Ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory

Being a wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio allows me to experience many "special" ceremonies that couples, and sometimes families, include. For Pam & Rick the sand flows at Franklin Park Conservatory in a symphony of colors as this blended family combines their sand into one vase. As their wedding minister I had fun officiating this part of their ceremony. Here the height of the sand is at the inscribed letters.

Now the sand moves above the letters.



A few final grains poured by one serious participant. If you look closely you can actually see the last bit of sand between vases.

















Now the finished product! Doesn't it look great?




Maybe you are wondering where to obtain various colors of sand if you were to use this ceremony for your wedding. You can conduct a Google search for sand ceremony kits and you will find companies like Sandsational Sparkle that sell many colors and styles. Enjoy!

All images in this entry are courtesy of Open Prism Photography and photographer, Rebekah King. You can call Rebekah at 614-653-9082.

Erin & Mark - Residential Wedding in Centerville, OH

I really enjoyed being with this great couple from West Virginia as they came to Ohio to celebrate their wedding with family. I love being the wedding officiant at residential celebrations when the bride and groom have so much feeling for each other. This couple does.

Here are some photos of their sand ceremony where their two girls had a chance to participate.

Exchanging rings.

I am going to let these remaining photos speak for themselves.

Isn't this so touching as they dance and embrace by the pool? Wishing you many great years ahead Erin and Mark!

All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Victoria Serruto of VS3 Studios. Click on the link provided to visit her website. You can call her directly at 937-760-8737.

Wendy & Robb - Wow!

"Hi Damian,
Wow!  What a wonderful experience.  We all had so much fun and loved every minute of it.  Also thank you for your kind words.  We did go last Friday and pick up our certificate from the courts and everything is running smoothly. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I come across that is planning a wedding.
I thought you were wonderful and everyone else thought so as well.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!"
I celebrated with them as their wedding officiant. These photos were taken by a friend of Wendy & Robb as they were married at the Chapel at Historic Village in Hilliard, Ohio.

Lisa & Bill - Elegance & Style

Joy and excitement fill the air! The lovely bride makes her walk. Just by the expression on her face you can sense the depth of feeling she has for her groom. It was a real pleasure being the wedding officiant for Lisa & Bill. This is the moment she has been waiting for, and now it's here. Being of part of this experience brings joy to me, and so often I feel so honored.










From the steps of the rich staircase at Whispering Winds Manor in Crestline , Ohio, I solemnize their marriage with joy and a sense of wonder. This day is like no other for them, and therefore like no other for me. Each wedding is different and unique, almost like a fingerprint.

Here they enjoy their sand cermony. If you look through the empty vase you can see the tasteful blend of red and white sand, layering inside their center vase, the vase they will keep in their home to remember that they are no longer two, but one in marriage.

Michelle & Bryan - Heritage Golf Club

Michelle and Bryan celebrate their marriage with the Sand Ceremony, as I read selected wording as their wedding officiant. Their unique containers hold the sand that represents who they are as individuals. They combine the two colors in the center vase to represent their existence in marriage, no longer two but one new reality, husband and wife. It was very touching and meaningful. 

Here Michelle and Dad are drawn to the stirrings of her wedding. It's almost time for Michelle to walk the aisle and be presented by her father.

Here was a fun spot in their ceremony.

Father to daughter. Daughter to father. A priceless moment.

I love the expression on Michelle and Bryan's faces here. Celebrating the mystery of becoming husband and wife.

Now they walk into their future together. May their days as one always be blessed!

Kim & Matt

One couple I officiated for this weekend was Kim and Matt at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard Ohio. We had great weather, and even though it was hot, everyone seemed to enjoy their ceremony. Kim and Matt incorporated the sand ceremony and the rose ceremony into their wedding. It was very touching. The bride and groom were very happy as were both sets of parents!

Jody Meyer and her staff at Heritage Golf Club did a fabulous job, like they so often do. DJ services were provided by Master Mix DJ. I hope to have photos soon from Master's Photography.

wedding venues - Heritage Golf Club

Outdoor weddings can be such a beautiful experience. I met with Jody Meyer, Sales and Catering Director, the other day at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard. We went outside to see the layout for ceremonies and do some planning. The day was splendid...virtually cloudless and therefore, a lot of sun. That is why our eyes are squinting! I will be officiating for several weddings at Heritage this year and have already completed one, which went very well.

There can be a great deal that goes into a successful outdoor ceremony, coordination among all parties involved as well as weather considerations can make it a challenge. Jody does a fantastic job and has a friendly demeanor that enhances her professionalism and extraordinary attention to details.


In this photo you can see some of the natural beauty at Heritage behind Jody and me. I can't remember exactly what we were discussing here. I was joking with my photographer, Rebekah, posing the idea that I had discovered a wedding ring under my feet from a previous ceremony!

I use a simple technique in my ceremonies to keep the rings from being accidentally dropped. By placing your left hand on top of your right and cupping it, the ring can be placed safely in the palm of your hand where you can easily grasp it with the fingers of your right hand, to then be place upon the ring finger of your bride or groom. If you are left handed, reverse the order and place your right hand on top of your left.


Michelle Garber is the receptionist at Heritage. She took a few minutes out of her busy day to visit. I will be officiating her ceremony later this month and I expect it to be a very beautiful wedding. Again, you can see some of the beauty of Heritage, and it is even moreso now that some time has passed since this I was there.




Michelle will be having an outdoor wedding. As part of her personalized ceremony we will be incorporating the sand ceremony. Some couples prefer the unity candle and also use the rose ceremony...yet using sand is becoming more and more popular. The bride and groom will each have sand of a different color. I like them to start with creating a layered effect (reflecting their individuality) and then blending into a new color to symbolize their union as one in marriage. Children can be part of the blending of the sands also, with their own unique color. This can be a very nice way to make them feel included in the wedding.


It was a lot of fun visiting Heritage with Jody and Michelle. As you can see, the landscape is fabulous. I recommend Heritage as a great place for weddings, events, and don't too. You can contact Jody at 614-684-7112 or by email at