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Emma & Jon's Wedding at The Columbus Museum of Art! -Guest Cam

One of the guests snapped a fun candid of Rebekah with Emma and Jon at The Columbus Museum of Art in Ohio where she officiating their wedding!

"Emma & Jon -I can't wait to see your official wedding photographs!" -Rebekah King


The Precious Moment Before... Stephanie & Brian at Wedgewood Golf & Country Club

Moments before Stephanie's going to walk down the aisle with her father to say two words to the love of her life, Brian... I peek in to check on her at Wedgewood Golf & Country Club in Powell, Ohio.

When I saw her... her face & presence lit as she prepares; shows so eloquently. She is about to say, "I do."


Brookside Country Club -Elizabeth & Mike

Congratulations to Elizabeth & Mike on your wedding at Brookside Country Club in Columbus, Ohio!

Thank you for having us as part of your wedding day! All the best in your new life together!

-Rebekah King



Award numbers 14, 15, & 16. Thank you so much!

We are so thankful to our fantastic brides, and the wonderful wedding professionals we have grown to love, for helping to make this very special recognition a reality over the years! There are thousands of individuals. Too many to mention. We are so very grateful and privileged to have served you. Thanks to all of you!

With Much Love! Damian, Jean, Rebekah & The UMS Team!


The Perfect Day for a Wedding -Ashley & Ryan at Muirfield Village!!

As wedding officiants in greater Columbus, Ohio, we have the opportunity to share in some amazing moments with our brides and grooms! The Country Club at Muirfield Village, the perfect day, an amazing couple, and some incredible photographs to capture the essence of the wedding of Ashley & Ryan!! Our many thanks to Allison of Studio 127 Photography for these awesome moments captured!! Contact information is below!! 

For United Marriage Services scheduling and availability call Damian King at 614-546-9634 or email directly at damian@unitedmarriageservices.com

Rebekah King officiated the following wedding!! Now, join us on a photographic journey through some of these memories of a precious couple. 

The seating arrangements for the Newly Married Couple & their Bridal Party at Muirfield Village! Look at the lighting for the guests!! This room at Muirfield Village is so comfortable and very beautiful!!The Bride, Ashley's gorgeous dress!A close up... Mrs. Durner!! Looking at this beautiful Bridal Party we can't help but go, "Aww...!"Wonder what the beautiful bride is thinking before she walks down the aisle... Her pose is so graceful! Time for some fun with the ladies!! Precious memories... precious rings. The Gentlemen....It's almost time for the ceremony!!We love this shot!! Very classy.You can feel the moment... All ready for the big day!!The place settings and centerpiece! A view of where Ashley & Ryan will soon say their vows of love...The wine for Ashley & Ryan's Wine Ceremony...

These moments are also on Allison's Blog of Ashley & Ryan's Day

Ashley & Ryan walk down the aisle... Husband and wife. Forever.

Rebekah King sharing a few laughs with the Best Man & Maid of Honor while prepping to sign Ashley & Ryan's Marriage Certificate!! Stephanie, the maid of honor, signs the witness section of the certificate! A close up of the certificate being signed. The Best Man signing the Marriage Certificate keepsake, too!! The Marriage Certificate!! Ryan & Ashley are such a gorgeous couple... The bridal party!! Looking sharp, everyone. Quite sharp. Ryan & Ashley steal a moment alone... Priceless love. Congratulations, Ashley & Ryan!! We wish you all the best in your new life together!!To Book your Wedding Ceremony with Rebekah, you can contact her at 614-653-9082, or rebekah@unitedmarriageservices.com

Studio 127 Photography is absolutely amazing!! We love their work, and Allison is phenomenal. Check out her main website: http://www.studio127photography.com/

Or contact Allison directly at 614-578-3705, and her email: info@studio127photography.com

Thanks for stopping by our website!! 

Rebekah King & United Marriage Services Team. 



Cheryl and Scott's Amazing Dove Release!

As a wedding officiant in greater Columbus, Ohio, I often have the privilege of experiencing the many ways a bride shows love to her groom, and a groom to his bride. We were at Cheers and Lakeside Chalet in Lancaster. Cherly and Scotts's dove release was an incredible gesture with depth and exquisite meaning that made it truly amazing! Here are the words I shared on their wedding day. "Throughout the ages, the white dove has been an emblem of new beginnings, friendship, love, peace, prosperity, fidelity and true love.  Damian King of Columbus Ohio was happy to be wedding officiant when Cheryl and Scott released their dovesCheryl and Scott's wedding at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster, Ohio. Damian King was wedding officiant.It is said that, the pure white color represents the bride and groom as they begin their life’s journey together in purity and with no regrets of their past.   Doves choose one partner and mate for life, or until death do they part, staying together and remaining true and faithful to each other.  They share a commitment and a love of being home together.  United Marriage Services, wedding officiant Damian King for Cheryl and Scott at Cheers ChaletCheryl and Scott release doves at their wedding at Cheers Chalet, Lancaster Ohio. Images by John Croyle. It is said that if white doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured and good fortune will come to all who witness their release.  Their participation in this wedding ceremony makes it very special. Today, as a romantic gesture, and a special heartfelt symbol of their life-long commitment, Cheryl and Scott are going to release two single white doves, sending them skyward, to symbolize their union and the beginning of their life journey together as wife and husband. A wedding ceremony begins a journey of two lives working together for life’s happiness.  The actions of the doves demonstrate this beautifully.

Columbus Ohio wedding officiant and marriage coach, Damian King, present for Cheryl and Scott's dove releaseDoves take flight at Scott and Cheryl's wedding at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster Ohio. Image by John Croyle. Once released, the doves fly higher and higher together as they seek their way home. Similarly, a bride and groom do not know what the future holds for them.  Their path may change many times along the way, but with faith and love they will find their way together.  Just as the doves have the instinct to find their way home, Cheryl and Scott will always know where 'home' is, as home is wherever they are together.

These white doves released in celebration today represent all of Cheryl and Scott’s hopes and dreams and their deep commitment to each other.  Just as doves marry for life, so, too, they promise to be faithful, loyal, devoted and true to each other.
As the dov
es fly freely overhead, a perfect pair, we all rejoice in the vows being exchanged here today.  

Cheryl and Scott, we wish for you that your life together will be everlasting, rich, rewarding and full of love!  May your marriage always bring great joy, fidelity, hope and respect."

Columbus Ohio, joyful wedding officiant, Damian King was glad to see dove release for Cheryl and ScottMale and female doves fly together as bride and groom, Cheryl and Scott, watch. Damian King was wedding officiant that day.Cherly & Scott, thank you for allowing me to share in such a wonderful day! I wish you a life filled with the greatest blessings from above.

These awesome photos were provided by John Croyle Wedding Photography and the artisitic talent of John Croyle. Contact John by using the link provided to his website, or by calling 614-216-6005. His email is john@johncroyle.com. Thanks John, great work!


Holiday Weddings, Often Unforgettable - Dock 580

As a wedding officiant I see marriages all year long and here I was at Dock 580 venue in Columbus, Ohio! Helene and Michael were the bride and groom and they chose a sand ceremony to add meaning and symbolism as two people, and two families, became one! The extra jars of sand were for the groom's children and the completed ceremony demonstrates the union of all the members of this new family, now inseparable! 

Wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio at venue dock 580 for marriage of Helene and MichaelMarriage License ready for wedding officiant to sign; and Helene and Michael's sand ceremony at Dock 580 in Columbus, Ohio!Jean took this picture! Michael and Helene, it is a joy to be a part of your lives and we wish you all the very best in the years ahead! Damian & Jean