Darby House

October wedding! Kristin & Jacob at Darby House

I had the privilege of serving as Jacob and Kristin's officiant on their wedding day last year! Their venue, Darby House, is located just west of Columbus, Ohio, and is a beautiful place for a wedding in any season.

Damian King, officiant at Wedding at Darby House near Columbus, OhioWedding officiant, Damian King, with bride and groom, Kristin and Jacob outside of Columbus Ohio at Darby House.Kristin & Jacob had their first anniversary this October. I was looking thorough some files and saw this great photo taken by Christy Gibson, and it reminded me of their wonderful wedding last year! I am happy to share some of the words that were a part of their special day that I read during their ceremony...

"Jacob and Kristin met at the University of Rochester in 2005 as freshmen in the physics department. Their friendship grew during their first two years on campus, and in October of their junior year, they began dating. They survived the physics department together, and moved on to graduate school, with Kristin residing in Cleveland and Jacob in Columbus. Their relationship endured 2.5 years of Greyhound bus trips and car rides for brief visits. One night when Kristin was visiting Jacob in Columbus, they looked at engagement rings just for fun. One ring stood out to both of them. The next day, when Kristin left to go back to Cleveland, Jacob secretly bought that engagement ring. He planned to hold onto that ring until they were finished with graduate school in a few years and able to live together in the same city. As it turned out, Jacob didn’t feel like waiting that long. One month later, Jacob proposed to Kristin when she was visiting Columbus!"

Happy Anniversary, Kristin & Jacob!

I hope to post more about this beautiful couple as I receive more images.

Thanks, Christy, of Gibson Photographics for the great picture!

Wonderful Love! John & Janine in Paris

John & Janine's wedding took place this past weekend at Darby House near Columbus, Ohio. They asked me to join them as their officiant, therefore, I had the pleasure of conducting their very unique and profoundly beautiful wedding ceremony.

Near Columbus Ohio, Damian King was wedding officiant at Darby House for John and JanineJohn and Janine in Paris, France. Their wedding was at Darby House near Columbus, Ohio.They chose some words that were extraordinarily meaningful from a book that I have not read, The Alchemist. It is somewhat challenging to describe the love that this couples shares, because it is something that causes me to pause a bit in wonder. It just seems so beautiful to me.

Here are the words they chose, "When he looked into her dark eyes, and saw that her lips were poised between a laugh and silence, he learned the most important part of the language that all the world spoke – the language that everyone on earth was capable of understanding in their heart. It was love. Something older than humanity, more ancient than the desert. It was the pure Language of the World. It required no explanation, just as the universe needs none as it travels through endless time. What the boy felt at that moment was that he was in the presence of the only woman in his life, and that, with no need for words, she recognized the same thing. Because when you know the language, it’s easy to understand that someone in the world awaits you, whether it’s in the middle of the desert or in some great city. And when two such people encounter each other, and their eyes meet, the past and the future become unimportant. There is only that moment, and the incredible certainty that everything under the sun has been written by one hand only. It is the hand that evokes love, and creates a twin soul for every person in the world. Without such love, one’s dreams would have no meaning."

Thanks for visiting our website! Damian King, Wedding Officiant & Marriage Coach

Wedding Day Dream - Brenda & Clint at Darby House

I was so glad that Brenda & Clint asked me to celebrate with them as their wedding officiant. They chose the beautiful Darby House in Columbus, Ohio as their location. It is easy to enjoy this first photo with Brenda and Clint's look of delight as they gaze upon each other on this very special day.

Columbus Ohio wedding officiant from United Marriage Services, Damian King, at Darby HouseBrenda and Clint enjoying a fun moment, together with their wedding officiant, in greater Columbus, Ohio, at Darby House.A tender kiss for the bride and groom, now pronounced "husband and wife". They love each other like no one else and it shows!

In Columbus, Ohio, wedding officiant Damian King applauds with guests as the bride and groom kiss at their ceremony"You may kiss the bride!" Brenda and Clint's wedding ceremony in Columbus, Ohio.Two very lovely and sweet flower girls make their appearance and add the touch of flower petals to the ceremony location. These little ladies clearly have the attention of the guests!

Flower girls at wedding ceremony for Brenda and Clint at Darby House in greater Columbus, OhioThe aisle was laced with rose petals... In order to personalize their ceremony for them, I had the honor of sharing a few thoughts with the guests. Here is one of those thoughts - "We initially bonded over our similar taste in music and have attended many concerts together.  Our relationship was very easy right from the start – no games, no dishonesty – completely natural."

Wedding at Darby House in greater Columbus Ohio. Brenda & Clint were bride and groom. Damian King was the officiantTender moments like these are never forgotten. I am going to let these last 4 special images of Brenda & Clint's wedding day speak for themselves.

Wedding ceremony complete and marriage license signed. Brenda & Clint in Columbus, Ohio at Darby House"How can we make this moment last?" Brenda & Clint at Darby HouseAzar Photography after wedding ceremony over - bride and groom hold bouquet in gentle pose.Brenda & Clint after their wedding ceremony at Darby House in Columbus, OhioAzar Photography at Darby House at Brenda & Clint's wedding ceremony in Columbus Ohio"These are the hands of your best friend, young and strong and full of love for you..."

In Columbus Ohio, wedding officiant Damian King had the privilege of celebrating the ceremony with Brenda & Clint at Darby House"Let's dance this moment into the future." "I am so grateful to have found you."Azar Photography and the fine work of Andriy were responsible for the images in this entry. Please contact Andriy at the link provided or by calling 614-218-2103 or emailing azarphotography@hotmail.com.

Brenda's wedding dress was provided by David's Bridal. Their music was provided by Encore Entertainment and Trent Iguchi. Their caterer was Cameron Mitchell Catering. Flowers were by Bloomtastic and their wedding cake was by Cakes by Cecile, Columbus, Ohio.

Brenda and Clint it was such a pleasure to celebrate with you as your wedding officiant! May all your years be filled with peace and happiness! 

Jenny & Diego - A Lifetime Commitment and a Bit of Fun!

Jenny and Diego pose with wedding officiant, Damian King at Darby House in Columbus, OhioJenny & Diego pose with officiant, Damian King at Darby House in Galloway, OhioJenny & Diego were enjoying each other at Darby House in Columbus, Ohio! They asked me to be their wedding officiant and to join in the celebration of the day they became husband and wife. It was a privilege and honor for me to do so. In the photograph below, Diego places the ring on Jenny's finger as she smiles. It was a joyous, yet solemn, moment.

 Damian King witnesses as wedding officiant as Diego gives the ring to his bride at Darby House, Galloway, OhioDiego gives the wedding ring to his bride at Darby House in Galloway, OhioColumbus Ohio wedding officiant Damian King looks on as Diego and Jenny engage in wedding dipDiego and Jenny's wedding dip as officiant, Damian King looks on. 




Diego, who has quite a talent for dancing, could not resist the opportunity to engage in the "wedding dip" with his bride. It was a fun moment that added an extra spark to the atmosphere!



The images in this entry are the work of Donna Keidel of dk photographic. If you'd like to reach her you can call Donna at 614-793-1244, or click the link to her website above.

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Mark & Sarah marry at Darby House

As their wedding officiant, I had the pleasure of performing the ceremony for this great couple at the Darby House. Columbus, Ohio offers many fine venues and this one is amazing. It actually is situated in Galloway, Ohio, and is filled with charm and beauty.

Sarah's beautiful train caught quite a bit of attention!

 An awesome view of the Darby House from inside...

Congratulations, Mark and Sarah! I wish you both all the best in your years together as husband and wife!

The photographer for this wedding asked to remain anonymous as he is very busy taking pictures in another industry.

Shiela & Chris Celebrate Their Love at Darby House

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 1Shiela and Chris at Darby HouseThis is a photo of Shiela & Chris, now husband and wife. I had the honor of being their wedding officiant and we had a lot of fun on a warm day this past September in Columbus, Ohio. More specifically, we were at Darby House in Galloway.









I am going to allow these following shots to tell their own story. It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words". These next photos help to confirm the truth in this phrase.

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 2

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 3

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 4

Shiela & Chris, may all of your days together be rich and blessed!

Kelli Harris of Kelli Harris Photography is the lady whose fine work helped to capture these moments. You can reach Kelli at 614-429-0784 and by email at kachickabiddy1@yahoo.com. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants provides the fine food at Darby House and is a member of Wedding Professionals of Columbus.

I hope you have had fun reading my blog entry. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day!

A Darby House Wedding - Lindsey & Logan

Lindsey & Logan were a wonderful couple and I truly enjoyed celebrating their union as their wedding officiant. Of all the venues in the Columbus, Ohio area they chose Darby House in Galloway Ohio, and it no wonder why. The grounds are incredible, the service is awesome, and the food is delicious. I love performing ceremonies for couples as their wedding minister here because it is consistently a positive experience. You can read more about Darby House by following this link to Weddingwire.com. I love having fun at the wedding ceremonies I perform and I am so glad that Lindsey and Logan were having a great time too!







What a sweet photo. I really like this one a lot. The expressions of the bride and groom are so unrehearsed and natural and together with the horse and carriage and lush green surroundings, in my opinion this image is amazing.
















Together on the horse-drawn carriage, content, and sharing the beginning of the rest of their lives. Lindsey and Logan may all your days together be filled with love, joy, and blessings!

All photographs in this entry are courtesy of the fine work of Ely Brothers Photography. You can contact Caleb and Levi Ely by following the link provided. You can also call Caleb or Levi at 614-557-1496. You can email Caleb at caleb@elybrothers.com.

Trista Hill was their harpist. She can be seen in an earlier post with a picture.

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Harpist, Trista Hill at Darby House

As a wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio, I often have the chance to experience the work of other professionals in the wedding industry. Here is a photo of Trista Hill playing at the Darby House in Galloway, Ohio. I was the wedding minister for Lindsey & Logan during a mid-summer ceremony, (photos to come in another entry). She played beautifully and her music added a magical atmosphere to Lindsey & Logan's outdoor experience.

The song for Lindsey's bridal walk was "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", played with incredible style and grace. To contact Trista and to hear samples of her fine work follow this link, or call her at 740-363-5544. Her email address is trista@tristahill.com.






This photograph courtesy of Ely Brothers Photography. Caleb & Levi Ely can be contacted by visiting their website (link provided) or by calling 614-557-1496. They are both great to work with. You can also email Caleb at caleb@elybrothers.com.

Wedding Venues: Darby House, Historic and Hip.

I visited with Kate Brooks over at Darby House. I was there planning for an upcoming wedding and we talked about baseball, world history and horse races. It was a lot of fun. There is so much history at Darby, and the staff and scenery are awesome. Kate is not only pleasant and professional, but a lot of fun too. Here we were joking about how we should pose for the picture. Kate is the one on the left!

Kate told me a funny story about how John Galbreath, founder of Darby Dan Farm (upon which Darby House was built), messed up when he had dinner with Queen Elizabeth in England. He innocently violated some codes of behavior with the Queen, and even gave her a hug! John was so embarrassed when he learned that he crossed lines of proper conduct. Upon returning he was upset that he had ruined his relationship with the Queen of England. Oh well, even the rich and powerful can get it wrong. They are, after all, human. However the story ends on an unexpected note when the Queen and John later become great friends. He thenceforth supplied horses on a regular basis to Her Majesty. Now get this, on the wall at Darby House I saw a hand written letter from the Queen, thanking John for an anniversary gift. Very cool.

Darby House is the only place in the world where, in the same room, there are two World Series trophies (Pirates,1960 and 71), and trophies for the Kentucky Derby, and the English Derby. Many sports conversations start and continue here during events.  The painting above me is by the famous sports painter, LeRoy Neiman. Although not the best photo, you can see one of the World Series trophies, too. (This time, Kate is the one on the right!)

If you would like to find out more about a tasteful location that's filled with history and incredible charm, then contact the staff at Darby House. You can email Kate directly at kbrooks@cameronmitchell.com or call 614-878-4527.