A little help finding your way back...

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I received more help from you in just 20 minutes than I had in 6 months of marriage counseling.”      
— William Peddicord III; Columbus, Ohio

You love your husband but you don't know how to reconnect. You love your wife but a distance has grown between you. You feel a sense of loneliness, perhaps alienation. You feel stuck. You don't talk like you used to and when you do, there is little or no connection. 

You have lost your sense of togetherness. You do not feel appreciated like you did once. Arguing or a cold silence has taken the place of kindness, love and friendship. You don't want things to end, and somewhere in your heart you know that love is still there, it's just been misplaced somehow. You may have even tried therapy and did not find the help you were hoping for.

I care deeply about your marriage relationship. Having faced many stresses and challenges in my own marriage of 30+ years, I have found keys and strategies to improve the quality of marriage.

You are tired and stressed. Your heart aches. Perhaps there is anger or resentment. Even with these challenges, there is hope. There are solutions. If you are willing, you may find that the answers are closer than you imagined. Marriage coaching may help you discover those answers.

A coach sees the big picture and can offer strategies and insights to help bring out the best in you. Marriage has many enemies, most of which are lies, false images, and misunderstandings or misinterpretations. I have been helping couples since 1982 and successfully married since 1984. I have successfully used many strategies to overcome the enemies to a happy marriage. If you want a better marriage, then marriage coaching may be for you.

It's not therapy and nor do we diagnose mental health conditions.

Starting the process is easy. Give me a call, send me an email. I will listen. You will find compassion, not judgement. Together, let's join to improve your most valuable relationship, your marriage. I believe we can.

Completely confidential.


Your first session—up to 90 minutes—is just $140. Each additional one-hour session is provided at $95 each. We accept cash, check or credit card.
Since we do not diagnose or treat specific mental health conditions,
health insurance is not accepted.

 Call or email for more information.