Gambier Ohio

Sarai & Michael - Kenyon College Dream

This Greater Columbus, Ohio couple have a beautiful love story. As their wedding officiant, I was privileged to share in just a small part of Michael and Sarai's story as they married each other at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. The setting was beautiful Peirce Hall, filled with charm and style.

Sarai was so thankful as her ceremony was filled with what she and Michael had chosen. Truly personalized.

Here is a small portion of their ceremony.... "While they have known each other since middle school, it all started with their first date at prom their junior year of high school.  The next morning, under the pretense of delivering pictures from the night before, Michael showed up on Sarai’s doorstep in order to ask for a second date." And later on... "Even with their hectic schedules, they always found time for each other, and their relationship grew stronger even as they were apart. Given the dedication and care they had shown for each other, their engagement last summer was welcome news but hardly a surprise. Knowing, that after this, they will be living in the same city, for once able to see each other every single day, is a joy, and there is nothing that these two want or deserve more than to spend the rest of their lives together."

Sarai and Michael, thank you for the honor of being a part of this, your special day. May you be filled with the Best that this life has to offer for all your days together!

The photograph in this entry is from Annie Thress Photography. You can contact Annie at the link provided or call her at 614.598.7648.

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