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Alana & Joel's Magical Wedding Tale!

Alana prepares to meet her groom at Homestead Park in Hilliard, Ohio."My wedding day is here!", Alana says, as her expectation rises. We were in Columbus, Ohio, and as the wedding officiant for Alana & Joel, I had the privilege of witnessing these beautiful events, and sharing in their special day. I will attempt to recall some of their moments together...with a small amount of poetic license.

Let's look at the image below. Joel has been waiting a while, and from the look on his face you can tell, he is happy with the events of this wonderful day as they are unfolding!

Joel and wedding officiant, Damian King, at Homestead Park in Hilliard"Are you ready for me now?"

Alana gazes into the enclosure where her wedding is about to take place!Who can fault this excited bride for wanting to see where we were and if we were ready? But Joel's look says it all, "I am ready to meet you here, my beautiful bride, my beautiful wife to be."

The groom, Joel and their officiant, Damian King, wait for the bride's entrance"The moments we have waited for are here. In front of all of our family and friends we are exchanging thoughts and vows filled with love and dedication. I am yours for a lifetime, and I am so glad to be standing here with you today."

A precious moment, Alana and Joel in the process of becoming husband and wife.After that wonderful ceremony, I think a hug is in order! You guys were amazing. I so enjoyed sharing in your special moments together!

Alana, Joel, and Damian enjoy a hug together after the ceremony.A little fun with the groom. A wedding is a time of joy, not a funeral. Joel thought so, too!

The officiant and the groom having fun"Hey Mr. & Mrs. Photographer, do you think that this couple could have some alone time now? They deserve it don't they?" Photographers' response, "Of course they do...we'll get to that right away!" And off they went for some more intimate moments together.

Alana, Joel and Damian in a "rat pack" style pose.Oh, we're finally alone!

Joel and Alana embrace as Mr. and Mrs.As the day winds down, the realization deepens...

Relaxing by the watersideLooking to the future together. A lifetime of love ahead of us.

The sun begins to set and the bride and groom enjoy the warmth of each other's love."I will never forget this day, or these moments with you..."

Like a dream that doesn't end. A kiss in the setting sun.We have awoken and it's not a dream. We are so thankful for each other.

Countdown is over. A new day begins.Thank you for sharing in Alana & Joel's wedding story. Although some editing and polishing were used for presentation purposes, what you have seen here captures the essence of what Alana & Joel shared that day.

The amazing images in this entry are courtesy of Nichole and Deron Klatte of Klatte Photography. Please visit their website by clicking on the link provided. You can email Nichole and Deron at info@klattephotography.com or give them a call at 614-430-9760. You will not be disappointed with their professionalism, their fun and upbeat personalities, and their incredible photographic ability as seen in the images in this entry.

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