Love notes

Better than texting. An age-old gesture, that still works today.

In today’s world, where the convenience of technology has tended to lessen the impact of our written words, it’s important to find a way to insure that your words to your spouse have lasting effect.

For some it is a step in the right direction to send regular texts, emails, or Facebook messages of love and appreciation to your husband or wife, and by all means keep doing so. My wife and I text….and often they are love notes or messages ending with XXOO, expressing how much we care, and that we are still soul mates, still fully in love. We have spent a lot of years building our relationship to the place where we are now, and part of the building was by using written notes.

Written notes of love, appreciation and friendship have an impact unlike texts and social media messages. It is often seen as an “extra step” to take pen in hand and physically write a note; and it can express a higher level of importance to the individual on the receiving end. I can think of the many times my wife, Jean, surprised and touched me to the core with a simple love note written on paper. She also had been touched by notes left by me, thanking her for any number of things, telling her how much she means to me, or just to say, “I love you”.

You can regularly leave these notes in places where your spouse is likely to find them. To add a level of mystique to your exchanges, place these notes in “surprise” locations. This can be fun and adds a level of interest to your marriage. A healthy marriage always needs work, and love notes are a great investment. Pleasant, love-filled surprises are always cool, and will help your spouse to know that they are appreciated and cherished. If she’s feeling cherished, if he’s feeling appreciated, then you are doing a lot to keep your marriage healthy and happy!

So, keep the electronic messages going, but don’t forget the pen, paper, and post-it notes. Happy loving!