OSU Faculty Club

Will You Marry Me, In Two Places?

The idea of getting married in two places seems almost magical. This couple began their wedding outside at the Browning Amphitheater at OSU in Columbus, Ohio. As the wedding officiant for Andy and Maggie, I was having a lot of fun starting their ceremony with storm clouds and thunder overhead.

Then about one-third of the way through their ceremony it started to pour (photo below). I didn't mind though as we were having fun. The bridal party and guests were becoming a bit drenched. Andy asked me several times, "What do you want to do?" to which I replied, "I have no preference, what would you like to do?" You see, I had a nice, big umbrella being held over me so I was not getting soaked, and I didn't have anywhere to go right after the ceremony.

You can really see the rain coming down in the picture below. See...Maggie is enjoying every moment!

Finally the groom made the call and said, "Let's go inside." So inside the OSU Faculty Club we went... and so did all the very wet (and happy) guests, who were having fun themselves.

Once we came in for a landing, and the guests were ready, the first words out of my mouth were..."Now, where were we?" Their family and friends all laughed and we picked up right where we left off, as the guests continued to dry out. It was great.

Does this couple look bored to you? Not a chance....

A sweet token of love after I said, "You may kiss the bride!"

The newly married couple presented, now celebrate. The moment they have planned and waited for has come. You can see Andy and Maggie's faces beaming with joy. Happy to be together. Happy to be husband and wife!... on this day, as they were married in two places.

Once again, Kevin Keefer is the photographer behind these images. You can contact Kevin by following the link to Kevin Keefer Photography or calling 614-787-4743. He is wonderful to work with and captures amazing pictures. True treasures. His email is kevin@kkeefer.com. You can read Andy & Maggie's review and find out more about Kevin's work by following this link at Weddingwire.

Thanks for reading my blog about a fun and memorable wedding celebration with Andy & Maggie.

OSU Faculty Club - a fun visit to a great venue

Now here is a great venue for weddings and other events in Columbus, Ohio, the OSU Faculty Club. It shares a field bordering Browning Amphitheater and Mirror Lake, so you have easy access to both. As a wedding officiant - sometimes called a wedding minister, I recently had the honor of performing 2 ceremonies, one at each place. Actually, it started to rain (pour) at the wedding at Browning Amphitheater, so we moved that one inside the Faculty club, but that is a separate story soon to come! Shall we have a look inside the Club?







                                                                          By design, I ran into the catering manager, Liz Groff. Somehow I convinced her to vote for me in the November 2010 elections, although I was not running for any office, whatsoever. As you can tell, Liz is carrying precious cargo yet she keeps right on with her job. Liz is a great lady and I enjoyed working with her at that rainy wedding mentioned before. More to come on that, but she handled it marvelously!

In this shot, Layne Fulks, Assistant Catering Manager joins us for some relaxation and enjoyment. These ladies are a lot of fun and our visit was a blast. To find out more about what the Faculty Club has to offer contact Liz at 614-292-2262 or email her at Liz@ohio-statefacultyclub.com. To contact Layne call 614-292-2262 or email her at Layne@ohio-statefacultyclub.com.



This last photo is just for show. I thought it was pretty cool looking and it does come from inside the Faculty Club.  It's inverted and the top portion showing is a reflection.















All photos in this entry are courtesy of Rebekah King (yes, my awesome daughter) at Open Prism Photography. Rebekah's phone number is 614-653-9082, if you would like more info about her work.