Days of Joy - Callie & Nick in Wapakoneta

Isn't this an amazing image of Callie & Nick? As a wedding officiant, my home base is Columbus Ohio, but I do travel when I am able to. We were at SoSerene in Wapakoneta Ohio to celebrate this incredible day in their lives.

In this next photograph, Nick waits with anticipation for his lovely bride.



Callie and Nick you are now husband and wife!

Why shouldn't you celebrate?











I did not want to complete this entry without this beautiful and touching image below.

Callie & Nick, may all your days be beautiful and blessed! All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Sara Horne of Sara Beth Photography. You can view more of Sara's great work at the link provided. Sara's phone number is 937-423-1727 and her email is

Thanks for reading my blog. Have a wonderful day!

Lisa & John - SoSerene Venue in Wapakoneta, Ohio

Here is a beautiful couple celebrating their special day. John and Lisa had found each other unexpectedly. Starting as friends they later realized something more was at work. Now they are together for the rest of their lives. As their wedding officiant, I enjoyed witnessing and being a part of their marriage. This marriage has joined two families, with children Jake, JP, and sweet Lexi.

Here is another shot during their ceremony. Isn't John's expression great here?

A beautiful view at SoSerene wedding venue. Isn't it just lovely? You can see John & Lisa's children, Lexi, Jake, and PJ as this new family celebrates together. Very cool.

This is a very warm and friendly venue that is family-owned with a great atmosphere. For more information on this great wedding venue in Wapakoneta, Ohio click on this link SoSerene, or call Joy at 419-236-4937. Joy is the owner and she has done most of the artwork herself. I was amazed.

I hope to have more pictures of this beautiful couple and wedding soon. I plan to share them when I do and there will be some more shots of SoSerene as well.