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Jenny & Diego - A Lifetime Commitment and a Bit of Fun!

Jenny and Diego pose with wedding officiant, Damian King at Darby House in Columbus, OhioJenny & Diego pose with officiant, Damian King at Darby House in Galloway, OhioJenny & Diego were enjoying each other at Darby House in Columbus, Ohio! They asked me to be their wedding officiant and to join in the celebration of the day they became husband and wife. It was a privilege and honor for me to do so. In the photograph below, Diego places the ring on Jenny's finger as she smiles. It was a joyous, yet solemn, moment.

 Damian King witnesses as wedding officiant as Diego gives the ring to his bride at Darby House, Galloway, OhioDiego gives the wedding ring to his bride at Darby House in Galloway, OhioColumbus Ohio wedding officiant Damian King looks on as Diego and Jenny engage in wedding dipDiego and Jenny's wedding dip as officiant, Damian King looks on. 




Diego, who has quite a talent for dancing, could not resist the opportunity to engage in the "wedding dip" with his bride. It was a fun moment that added an extra spark to the atmosphere!



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Mark & Sarah marry at Darby House

As their wedding officiant, I had the pleasure of performing the ceremony for this great couple at the Darby House. Columbus, Ohio offers many fine venues and this one is amazing. It actually is situated in Galloway, Ohio, and is filled with charm and beauty.

Sarah's beautiful train caught quite a bit of attention!

 An awesome view of the Darby House from inside...

Congratulations, Mark and Sarah! I wish you both all the best in your years together as husband and wife!

The photographer for this wedding asked to remain anonymous as he is very busy taking pictures in another industry.

A Darby House Wedding - Lindsey & Logan

Lindsey & Logan were a wonderful couple and I truly enjoyed celebrating their union as their wedding officiant. Of all the venues in the Columbus, Ohio area they chose Darby House in Galloway Ohio, and it no wonder why. The grounds are incredible, the service is awesome, and the food is delicious. I love performing ceremonies for couples as their wedding minister here because it is consistently a positive experience. You can read more about Darby House by following this link to I love having fun at the wedding ceremonies I perform and I am so glad that Lindsey and Logan were having a great time too!







What a sweet photo. I really like this one a lot. The expressions of the bride and groom are so unrehearsed and natural and together with the horse and carriage and lush green surroundings, in my opinion this image is amazing.
















Together on the horse-drawn carriage, content, and sharing the beginning of the rest of their lives. Lindsey and Logan may all your days together be filled with love, joy, and blessings!

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Trista Hill was their harpist. She can be seen in an earlier post with a picture.

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Harpist, Trista Hill at Darby House

As a wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio, I often have the chance to experience the work of other professionals in the wedding industry. Here is a photo of Trista Hill playing at the Darby House in Galloway, Ohio. I was the wedding minister for Lindsey & Logan during a mid-summer ceremony, (photos to come in another entry). She played beautifully and her music added a magical atmosphere to Lindsey & Logan's outdoor experience.

The song for Lindsey's bridal walk was "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", played with incredible style and grace. To contact Trista and to hear samples of her fine work follow this link, or call her at 740-363-5544. Her email address is






This photograph courtesy of Ely Brothers Photography. Caleb & Levi Ely can be contacted by visiting their website (link provided) or by calling 614-557-1496. They are both great to work with. You can also email Caleb at