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Sarah and Brent - Four Seasons Wedding Venue!

It was another beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio. As the wedding officiant for Sarah and Brent on the day they were married at Four Seasons venue, it was my honor to share in some very precious moments in their lives. In the photograph below you can feel the rich glow of their love.Damian King was wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio for Sarah and Brent at Four SeasonsBrent and Sarah enjoying a moment together at Four Seasons wedding venue in Columbus, Ohio. This bride is highly photogenic.Wedding venue, Four Seasons in Columbus Ohio. Officiant, Damian King, with Julie Linz PhotographyLovely bride on the day for which she has waited - Wedding in Hilliard, Ohio.This couple's family and friends were really enjoying this celebration. Here, Sarah stands with her father.Father of the bride at wedding venue Four Seasons in Columbus, Ohio. Judith Margaroli proprietor.Father of the bride with daughter. A moment to remember at Four Seasons wedding venue in Columbus, Ohio. Sarah and Brent have many ways to communicate with each other. Sometimes a look or a glance is enough. Let's listen in on their ceremony....Wedding officiant Damian King pronounces husband and wife at Four Seasons venue in Columbus Ohio"Would you like to have some fun?""As many of you know this beautiful couple was set up by Sarah’s mom, who had seen some potential in Brent & Sarah being together. In January of 2008, they had exchanged phone numbers and pictures and started dating right away and by the summer of 2009 they pretty much knew they were going to be married." Brent and Sarah also have a great sense of humor. They are always joking with each other and having fun, and they have some funny stories about their relationship. With words from their ceremony, before they were engaged..."They were together on a trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. While they were there in Gatlinburg she had noticed a Diamond Cellar bag among their belongings so what crossed Sarah’s mind when she saw this Diamond Cellar bag was (not that her engagement ring was in it - but that something completely different of Brent's)... was in it!" The story continues from there...Sarah and Brent head to wedding reception at Four Seasons in Columbus Ohio. Damian King officiant"Let's hit the dance floor.""Later she came out onto the porch and there was a different expression on Brent’s face as it was unfolding before the two of them that this was the moment that he would propose to the one he loved." Bride and groom enjoying a dance at wedding venue Four Seasons in Columbus. Damian King, officiant"I am glad I listened to you...this is fun."Some more humor - "Some of you may not know that on their first date Brent tried to get Sarah hypnotized on stage." Four Seasons wedding venue, Sarah dances to Night Music DJ. Judith Margaroli Proprietor - Julie Linz PhotographerRadiant beauty - "This is a celebration I will always remember.""And their first real vacation was a motorcycle ride….around lake Erie…packing in a saddle bag for a week!!"Marriage License signed by wedding officiant Damian King in Columbus, OhioWedding officiant, Damian King, signs marriage license in Columbus, Ohio, for Brent and Sarah at Four Seasons venue.But with all their humor and zest for life their dedication is very real as "Sarah wants to marry Brent because of his unique, positive, and strong personality. She is attracted to him, also, because of his caring, loving nature." And...Bubbles fly as Sarah and Brent exit Four Seasons wedding venue. Officiant provided by United Marriage Services, LLC"I am so happy to be making this journey with you.""Brent wants to marry Sarah because he finds her so beautiful; her personality, her smile, and her eyes. He also loves her sense of humor, her generosity, and her integrity as a person." Approaching their limousine, Sarah and Brent, now married at Four Seasons wedding venue in Hilliard OhioBrent and Sarah with limousine waiting at Four Seasons wedding venue in Columbus Ohio."And ladies and gentleman this is why we are here today. To celebrate with Brent and Sarah the joyous love and devotion they share as today, they become united for all their days as husband and wife."

Sarah and Brent embark from their wedding for the honeymoon"Today our journey continues. On to our honeymoon."

The photographs in this entry are the fine work of Julie Linz of Julie Linz Photography. Please visit her website by following the link provided. Julie's email is and her phone number is 866-730-8886.

Night Music DJ with Steve Ransom provided the music and Steve always does a fantastic job. Steve and his wife, Jodi Ransom, are members of Wedding Professionals of Columbus.

Judith and Enrico Margaroli are the owners of Four Seasons and they always provide outstanding and timely service to brides and grooms in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

Sarah and Brent, I wish you the very best this life has to offer! Thanks again for inviting me to celebrate your wedding with you as your officiant. I enjoyed it immensely!

Teresa & Ben - Wedding Ceremony at Scioto Reserve

After Teresa and Ben met with me in our United Marriage Services office in Columbus, Ohio they decided to ask me to be their officiant for their wedding day.  My philosophy is that a wedding ceremony is a celebration that should not be stale or boring. Damian King serves as wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio for Ben and TeresaDamian King enjoys a moment with Teresa and Ben as their wedding officiant in greater Columbus, OhioWe were at Scioto Reserve venue in Powell. Already enjoying a great deal of humor and fun in their relationship, Ben and Teresa made it easy to celebrate their lifetime commitment with laughter and smiles. We worked on their ceremony together so that it was personalized to reflect their own relationship. Here is a little sample of their own unique (and fun) wording. Keep reading, it gets good...Columbus Ohio, Ben and Teresa's wedding with Damian King officiantJoy and happiness between bride and groom, Teresa and Ben at Scioto Reserve venue in Powell, Ohio"Teresa saw Ben, in her own words, as 'serious husband material.' Their story began while working together years ago, when one day Teresa said to him, 'Hey Clark!' (Because he looks like Clark Kent). Then she asked, 'Is that your real name?' He answered, 'No, but I get that all the time.' Teresa was rather bold in handing him a slip of paper and declaring, 'Here’s my number, I think we should go out sometime!'Near Columbus Ohio, Ben looks at wedding officiant Damian King waiting for the ringTime for Ben to receive Teresa's wedding ring. Their officiant, Damian King, prepares to present Ben's "token of love".They continued to develop a friendship for 3 years, and the circumstances of their lives changed, opening the door for there to be more than friendship between them. As Ben continues to work hard in law school, they have supported and encouraged each other, and look forward to continuing in the love that has grown between them." Wedding officiant Damian King smiles as Teresa places ring on Ben's handA special and fun moment as Teresa places the wedding ring on Ben's finger, in Powell, OhioTeresa and Ben also took advantage of our Marriage Foundations™ pre-marriage program. Here is a little feedback from what they wrote, "I would highly recommend this class to anyone in a serious relationship, the classes help put marriage in the perspective it needs to be." and also, "The main benefit for me was the road map for a successful, life long relationship."  You can read more of what Ben & Teresa had to say by following this link to Weddingwire.

Teresa and Ben walk after officiant Damian King presents the bride and groomA joyous moment for Teresa and Ben. Damian King has just pronounced them husband and wife and the celebration continues!All photos in this entry are courtesy of Lindseys Photography. Follow the link provided to visit Lindsey Ely's website. You can also call her at 937-474-8959. Her email is

Music was provided by Sonic Sounds Entertainment and the husband wife team of Frank Golisano and his wife Sheila.

Teresa and Ben, I wish you all the best in your years together! It was my pleasure to serve as your wedding officiant.

If You Want It to Last

Marriage is a wonderful and glorious estate to achieve. I perform many weddings here in Columbus, Ohio and, as a wedding officiant and marriage coach, I believe it is among the highest of all human conditions and elevates a man and a woman to a greater place than if they were alone. Romantic love between a man and woman leading to the committed love of marriage is truly amazing. Nothing will affect your life more than your own marriage if entered into seriously. But marriage gets hard. You have seen it. So often it starts out in a way that appears to be easy, but then....reality sets in. Knowledge and self-education can help you keep it together.

I have a statement that I like to use during the Marriage FoundationsTM classes we offer for those who want their marriage to last for life. It is simply, "You will sacrifice major portions of yourself FOR your marriage; OR you will sacrifice your marriage". There is no middle ground. It is the blending of two unique lives and both must contribute to make the marriage survive and thrive. Often, it is not easy but the rewards are profound and lifelong.

Turning Conflict into Dialogue Part 2 of 2

As a marriage coach and wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio, it is my aim to not only officiate for couples on their wedding day, but to strengthen marriages for life as well. This is part 2 of 2 of an earlier entry.

It takes two to tango.

Both must be willing to discuss matters even though communication styles most likely differ in significant ways. You need to talk and communicate in marriage regularly and consistently and abide by the “rules” of healthy dialogue.

An argument can lead to dialogue, but if it does not then it usually involves blame, shame and proving who is right and who is wrong. It is a win/lose scenario where somebody wins and the other party loses, and in marriage since the goal should be to discover ways to strengthen your relationship nobody wins if somebody is out to win. The one who “wins” may feel good and validated as a person in the short run, but lose intimacy with the other in the long run. This is very dangerous to your marriage.

When you find yourself arguing about something pose the question, “Can we dialogue about this instead?” Better yet, when there is a point of potential contention that is important to you to discuss, ask your marriage partner, “Can we get together to dialogue about something?” and then schedule a definite time to talk. Schedule it immediately if possible; not “whenever”.

Healthy dialogue builds a relationship and says to your marriage partner, “I respect and love you.”  By making dialogue the primary way to communicate in your relationship you will build a stronger, happier, healthier marriage…even when your conflicting ideas and disagreements still exist. Over time as you continue to practice the respect dialogue brings, many of your disagreements will get worked out.

Practice healthy dialogue for the future of your marriage and your relationship.

Turning Conflict into Dialogue Part 1 of 2

Healthy Dialogue is essential to a healthy marriage.

Having been successfully married for 26 years I have come to appreciate a form of communication that helps build a lasting relationship. Dialogue. When I work with couples as a wedding officiant and/or marriage coach the topic of effective communication often arises. So, let’s explore together some key points about something that can have a lasting impact on the quality of your marriage, and may actually keep you together as a couple.

What is healthy dialogue? Basically it is “friendly discussion” in a focused setting. It is important that distractions be eliminated or minimized. (Cell phone off, no computer, no TV, etc. etc. – remember you are building your marriage; other non-life threatening emergencies can wait).

It involves listening without judging what is said. When friends discuss things they do so without judging and tend to give each other the benefit of any doubt. They end up feeling closer when done.

To dialogue is to be truly open to hear the other person’s thoughts and feelings. (This may take work if you are not accustomed to this type of communication.)

Dialogue involves listening intently to what your partner is saying with the idea of: “What can I learn about this unique individual who has an equal part in this marriage?”

The listener does not think of how to respond while the other person is still talking.

Pause/reflect/give the ideas expressed a minute to sink in.

Ask only curiosity questions to deepen and expand your knowledge of where he or she is “coming from”. Questions like, “Could you please rephrase that so I can understand better?” or, “I want to be sure that I understand your point, would you please elaborate further?”

Avoid loaded or “gotcha” questions designed to prove your point or belittle your partner in any way. They are poison to your relationship.

To dialogue is to allow the person to explain things from their perspective in a way that validates their thoughts, feelings and perspectives. Validation is not necessarily agreement. Often you are communicating over something you have not grown to see in the same light. However, it is an acknowledgement of your partner’s personal understanding, thoughts and feelings about any issue at any time.

This approach opens up the door to effective communication and growth together as a couple. It says to your partner, “I value you and your opinion and I want to know how you feel and what makes you ‘tick’.”

(Part 2 coming soon)