Weddings at Home

When Scott met Meagan...

When Scott met Meagan their lives would never be the same. They fell in love and decided to marry in Columbus, Ohio. It was a residential ceremony, and as their wedding officiant it was my pleasure to help these two love birds tie the knot and begin their married life together.

Scott is friends with a bride for whom I had officiated at OSU, which was one reason Scott & Meagan asked me to celebrate with them!

The above photo is sweet. Meagan's red shoes matching the other red items, her slight pout, and Scott's smile and gaze all engender a bit of curiosity and humor. You almost wonder what they were thinking about at the time. Plus, it's cute!

Kate Brewer, of Kathryn Brewer Photography took the photos in this entry. Kate's phone number is 440-623-9319 and her email is

Well, I'm off to prepare for another wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory. Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

Erin & Mark - Residential Wedding in Centerville, OH

I really enjoyed being with this great couple from West Virginia as they came to Ohio to celebrate their wedding with family. I love being the wedding officiant at residential celebrations when the bride and groom have so much feeling for each other. This couple does.

Here are some photos of their sand ceremony where their two girls had a chance to participate.

Exchanging rings.

I am going to let these remaining photos speak for themselves.

Isn't this so touching as they dance and embrace by the pool? Wishing you many great years ahead Erin and Mark!

All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Victoria Serruto of VS3 Studios. Click on the link provided to visit her website. You can call her directly at 937-760-8737.

PJ & Kim - Columbus, Ohio

Now here is a great couple, PJ & Kim.  I had the pleasure of being the wedding officiant to solemnize their marriage in Columbus, Ohio. Cool photo huh?

I like this shot. What a beautiful couple. They were very sweet together as you can see.

Here is a joyful wedding kiss.

Kim was such a sweet bride and host. Holding the door for a pose. I thought Kim was a lot of fun.

Here is another shot of their outdoor ceremony.

Home can be a great place to celebrate a marriage and have a wedding! You will notice me just hanging out in the picture below. PJ & Kim were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed being a part of their special day! Thanks PJ & Kim.

All photos courtesy of Rebekah King. You can contact Rebekah at 614-653-9082.

kate and roland - dublin, ohio.

We begin with the moment where we are waiting for the bride to make her appearance. The cool thing about weddings at home is that often the bride and groom are not overtaken with trying to be too formal. Roland and Kate were much more focused on each other and relaxed, without a lot of the distractions sometimes experienced in other settings. It was just them, and it was great!

Also, I am not short (5'11.5"), Roland is just quite tall. He looks great here doesn't he?



Don't they look awesome together? You have never seen a couple more in love. They were both very excited about this day and yet they were peacefully relaxed too. I could almost reach out and touch their love for each other.

 Here is a nice shot taken after the fact...More below.











Officially married! Hands together on the marriage certificate to symbolize. This was a great way to end a beautiful and fun time with a great couple. Wishing you all the best for all your days, Kate and Roland!