When Scott met Meagan...

When Scott met Meagan their lives would never be the same. They fell in love and decided to marry in Columbus, Ohio. It was a residential ceremony, and as their wedding officiant it was my pleasure to help these two love birds tie the knot and begin their married life together.

Scott is friends with a bride for whom I had officiated at OSU, which was one reason Scott & Meagan asked me to celebrate with them!

The above photo is sweet. Meagan's red shoes matching the other red items, her slight pout, and Scott's smile and gaze all engender a bit of curiosity and humor. You almost wonder what they were thinking about at the time. Plus, it's cute!

Kate Brewer, of Kathryn Brewer Photography took the photos in this entry. Kate's phone number is 440-623-9319 and her email is

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Love's not a fight...Is it?

In the grassy fields close to Scioto Reserve, a wedding venue near Columbus, Ohio, Christine and Bill were ready for anything! As their wedding officiant, I enjoyed many fun moments with this couple. They were not going to let me leave until I married them and signed the paperwork - Otherwise I would be nerfed to death.

Not wanting to face such a fate, I decided to stay...and, thankfully for me, it turned out to be a beautiful ceremony...

They were a lot more friendly after the ceremony was complete. No weapons present. Whew!

Still making sure I would get it right, they waited patiently....

Bill & Christine were truly a wonderful couple. Light hearted and happy, there were heartfelt emotions expressed during their ceremony and fun and jokes as well.

Below they exchange a memorable wedding day kiss. I love the way this photo coordinates with the colors, the position of the bride and groom, her flowers, his hand. Nice job Little Tree Studios! (more info below this image).

All images in this entry are from Little Tree Studios and the fine work of Kyle Muza and her husband Steve Muza. Please visit their website by selecting the link provided. Kyle's phone number is 614-985-1671 and her email is

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Ken & Brenda! Station 67

Station 67 in Columbus, Ohio is becoming quite a popular venue. Ken and Brenda asked me to be their wedding officiant as they celebrated their new union as husband and wife! I was honored to be a part of their special day.

Ken and Brenda sent me the following via email, "We were VERY pleased with the Ceremony. You handled it Perfectly."

Thanks, Ken and Brenda! I wish you all the best in your future together!

Ken & Brenda's photograph is courtesy of Ernest C. Clark, of Clark Photgraphic Services. You can visit Ernest's website by following the provided link. You can contact him at the following email

Will You Marry Me, In Two Places?

The idea of getting married in two places seems almost magical. This couple began their wedding outside at the Browning Amphitheater at OSU in Columbus, Ohio. As the wedding officiant for Andy and Maggie, I was having a lot of fun starting their ceremony with storm clouds and thunder overhead.

Then about one-third of the way through their ceremony it started to pour (photo below). I didn't mind though as we were having fun. The bridal party and guests were becoming a bit drenched. Andy asked me several times, "What do you want to do?" to which I replied, "I have no preference, what would you like to do?" You see, I had a nice, big umbrella being held over me so I was not getting soaked, and I didn't have anywhere to go right after the ceremony.

You can really see the rain coming down in the picture below. See...Maggie is enjoying every moment!

Finally the groom made the call and said, "Let's go inside." So inside the OSU Faculty Club we went... and so did all the very wet (and happy) guests, who were having fun themselves.

Once we came in for a landing, and the guests were ready, the first words out of my mouth were..."Now, where were we?" Their family and friends all laughed and we picked up right where we left off, as the guests continued to dry out. It was great.

Does this couple look bored to you? Not a chance....

A sweet token of love after I said, "You may kiss the bride!"

The newly married couple presented, now celebrate. The moment they have planned and waited for has come. You can see Andy and Maggie's faces beaming with joy. Happy to be together. Happy to be husband and wife!... on this day, as they were married in two places.

Once again, Kevin Keefer is the photographer behind these images. You can contact Kevin by following the link to Kevin Keefer Photography or calling 614-787-4743. He is wonderful to work with and captures amazing pictures. True treasures. His email is You can read Andy & Maggie's review and find out more about Kevin's work by following this link at Weddingwire.

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The Venue & The Loft. Hello Smith Brothers!

As a wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio I have the privilege of marrying couples at many unique and stylish venues. Recently I took a trip over to the The Loft and The Venue at Smith Brother's (when the weather was a bit cooler) to see their location, and to find out more about how they do things. I have conducted a number of ceremonies at this fine, full-service venue and will be there again several times in the coming months.

I met with Molly Rayo, a great lady who does a wonderful job, to find out more about how things are run, and to discuss how we can better serve the brides and grooms we are fortunate enough to share these timeless moments with...becoming husband and wife! The food is prepared and served by the family-owned and operated Zuppa Catering which has been named one of the top 25 caterers in Business First Magazine.

 We took a walk around the outer court to see where brides can have their ceremonies outdoors.

This is the gate where the excited bride will enter to take her walk down the isle...

The first photo in this entry is looking up...this one is looking below, to ground level. For clarification - Molly's are the shoes on on the right!

I look forward to working more with Molly, and the entire staff at Smith Brother's again. I encourage you to take some time to visit The Loft & The Venue at Smith Brothers, and give Molly a call at 614-469-9999, or send her an email at You will enjoy food that is truly delicious, and you will be given wonderful service by a staff that truly cares.

Thanks for reading my blog entry and enjoy!

Michelle & Tom - Hilton Columbus at Easton

Congratulations,          Tom and Michelle!       You are now husband and wife.

It was a real joy to be the wedding officiant for this lovely couple. They wanted a wedding that was soft, simple, and reflective of the love they share and how they feel about each other. We  accomplished that and it was an honor to be part. They rediscovered their love for each other. Their marriage came at the right time.

Easton Towne Center in Columbus, Ohio provides a great backdrop for their wedding photos here.








I love the expression on Tom's face here. Michelle seems deeply contented. It was very sweet.

A few more photos to enjoy.






I love the flowers and blurred effect in this one.


















Michelle and Tom, may your days together be long, many, and blessed.


All photos in this entry courtesy of April Moening. To contact April follow this link to April Moening Photography.