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Cheryl and Scott's Amazing Dove Release!

Damian King of Columbus Ohio was happy to be wedding officiant when Cheryl and Scott released their doves
United Marriage Services, wedding officiant Damian King for Cheryl and Scott at Cheers Chalet

As a wedding officiant in greater Columbus, Ohio, I often have the privilege of experiencing the many ways a bride shows love to her groom, and a groom to his bride. We were at Cheers and Lakeside Chalet in Lancaster. Cherly and Scotts's dove release was an incredible gesture with depth and exquisite meaning that made it truly amazing! Here are the words I shared on their wedding day. "Throughout the ages, the white dove has been an emblem of new beginnings, friendship, love, peace, prosperity, fidelity and true love. Cheryl and Scott's wedding at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster, Ohio. Damian King was wedding officiant.It is said that, the pure white color represents the bride and groom as they begin their life’s journey together in purity and with no regrets of their past.  Doves choose one partner and mate for life, or until death do they part, staying together and remaining true and faithful to each other.  They share a commitment and a love of being home together. Cheryl and Scott release doves at their wedding at Cheers Chalet, Lancaster Ohio. Images by John Croyle. It is said that if white doves are seen on your wedding day, a happy home is assured and good fortune will come to all who witness their release.  Their participation in this wedding ceremony makes it very special. Today, as a romantic gesture, and a special heartfelt symbol of their life-long commitment, Cheryl and Scott are going to release two single white doves, sending them skyward, to symbolize their union and the beginning of their life journey together as wife and husband. A wedding ceremony begins a journey of two lives working together for life’s happiness.  The actions of the doves demonstrate this beautifully.

Columbus Ohio wedding officiant and marriage coach, Damian King, present for Cheryl and Scott's dove release

Doves take flight at Scott and Cheryl's wedding at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster Ohio. Image by John Croyle. Once released, the doves fly higher and higher together as they seek their way home. Similarly, a bride and groom do not know what the future holds for them.  Their path may change many times along the way, but with faith and love they will find their way together.  Just as the doves have the instinct to find their way home, Cheryl and Scott will always know where 'home' is, as home is wherever they are together.

These white doves released in celebration today represent all of Cheryl and Scott’s hopes and dreams and their deep commitment to each other.  Just as doves marry for life, so, too, they promise to be faithful, loyal, devoted and true to each other.

As the doves fly freely overhead, a perfect pair, we all rejoice in the vows being exchanged here today.  

Cheryl and Scott, we wish for you that your life together will be everlasting, rich, rewarding and full of love!  May your marriage always bring great joy, fidelity, hope and respect."

Columbus Ohio, joyful wedding officiant, Damian King was glad to see dove release for Cheryl and Scott

Male and female doves fly together as bride and groom, Cheryl and Scott, watch. Damian King was wedding officiant that day.Cherly & Scott, thank you for allowing me to share in such a wonderful day! I wish you a life filled with the greatest blessings from above.

These awesome photos were provided by John Croyle Wedding Photography and the artisitic talent of John Croyle. Contact John by using the link provided to his website, or by calling 614-216-6005. His email is Thanks John, great work!

Incredible Beauty! Bin Zhu & Jia Shi at Corazon

There are times when the beauty of a husband and wife just speaks for itself! It was my privilege to serve as this bride and groom's wedding officiant near Columbus, Ohio, at Corazon wedding venue. Bin Zhu and Jia Shi's rehearsal photos were posted in our last blog. They just sent me some images of their wedding day, and this one stood out. Thanks, Bin Zhu & Jia Shi! I was so happy to be a part of your lives and your very special day!

wedding officiant, Damian King, near Columbus, Ohio with Bin Zhu and Jia ShiHusband and wife, Bin Zhu and Jia Shi, share a special moment with wedding officiant, Damian King, near Columbus, Ohio.

The Outdoorsman and the City Girl!

Jean had a wonderful time at Blake and Camille's wedding! She was their officiant at London Country Club just west of Columbus Ohio!

Blake and Camille with signed marriage license in London, Ohio! Jean King, wedding officiant. Image: SunfirePhotoPlusHow did this outdoorsman manage to marry this lady from urban Florida? Let's find out as Jean read these touching and somewhat humorous words from their story during their outdoor wedding ceremony!...

Beautiful bride, Camille, poses for this elegant display at London Country Club near Columbus Ohio. Image: SunFirePhotoPlus..."Now everyone knows of Blake and Camille's different backgrounds; Blake born and raised outside rural London, Ohio with Camille born in the largest city in Florida. How did he ever get her to live out here? With her open mind to ride 4-wheelers...

Wedding officiant, Jean King, with Camille & Blake at London Ohio near Columbus. Image: SunFirePhotoPlus even shooting a compound bow, Blake found someone who he calls a great friend to himself and others and a true companion with every adventure. And Camille didn't expect Blake to carry her through life's struggles and losses from so early on in their relationship but from it, they were able to build an undeniable trust. Such a trust that Blake didn't remember to pop the question when he got down on one knee!   So Camille had to ask, 'Well are you going to say something?'  And with his continuous smile she had to say 'yes'."

Bride and groom, Camille and Blake, with "junior staff" at their wedding in London Ohio! Image: SunFirePhotoPlusIsn't that a great story! We wish all the best for you, Camille and Blake, as you continue into your future together!

Photos in this entry are courtesy of Sunfire Photo Plus and Kelly Kirkpatrick. Her phone number is 614-619-3552 and her email is

Lisa & Nick at the Brookshire, Delaware!

What a fun time at the wedding ceremony of this sweet couple, Lisa & Nick! The Brookshire in Delaware Ohio hosted the event , and I was their officiant. The venue sits just North of Columbus, Ohio, on Route 23. I love these next two photos as Lisa & Nick enjoy each other in the rural setting outside Brookshire.

Brookshire wedding venue, Damian King officiant, Columbus OhioLisa & Nick at Brookshire wedding venue outside Columbus, OhioLittle Tree Studios, Brookshire wedding Columbus Ohio, Damian King officiantLisa & Nick pose for photograph at Brookshire wedding venueWe had a fun time of celebration during their wedding as shown here, and then I get to pose with them after the ceremony is over.

Bride and Groom, Lisa & Nick, at  Brookshire wedding venue, Damian King officiant, ColumbusWedding officiant, Damian King, of United Marriage Services, LLC at ceremony of Lisa & Nick, Brookshire in Delaware OhioOfficiant, Damian King, poses at wedding in Columbus Ohio at Brookshire. Lisa & Nick, Bride & GroomLisa & Nick with their wedding officiant, Damian King, near Columbus, Ohio This bride and groom were very easy to talk to and just hang out with, and they share a friendship that is contagious.

Bride chats with her wedding officiant near Columbus Ohio. Groom in backgroundHappy bride, Lisa, chats with wedding officiant, Damian King, after her ceremony with groom, Nick, in background!This image below is my favorite shot of this happy couple! Thank you Lisa & Nick for allowing me to share on the very special day when you became husband and wife!

Wedding day. Nick and Lisa at Brookshire Venue. Kyle Muza, photographer"Today is the day I affirm my love for you... now and forever."The photographs are by Little Tree Studios and the fine artistic work of Kyle Muza. She and her husband Steve Muza own a studio located at 650 North High Street, Worthington, Ohio 43085. They have an fantastic team of professionals and I always enjoy working with them. Their phone number is 614-985-1671. Kyle's email is

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Joanna & Aaron at Franklin Park Conservatory

Fun wedding in Columbus, Ohio.... more comments posted below, after the photos.

Damian King wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio with United Marriage Services at Franklin Park ConservatoryDamian King pleased to be the wedding officiant for Joanna & Aaron at a Columbus, Ohio ceremony.Little Tree Studios with wedding officiant Damian King at Franklin Park Conservatory Columbus OhioBride, Joanna, enjoys a fun moment with her groom, Aaron, and her officiant at her wedding in Columbus, OhioBride and groom kiss in Columbus, Ohio, at Franklin Park Conservatory; wedding officiant Damian King presidingJoanna enjoys a precious and joyful moment with her groom. Wedding officiant, Damian King presides. Happy bride hugs wedding officiant, Damian King, at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioHappy bride hugs officiant, Damian, at her wedding in Columbus, Ohio.Bride, Joanna, filled with joy at wedding in Columbus Ohio. Wedding officiant, Damian KingHusband and wife happy on their big day!Lovely bride after wedding in Columbus Ohio. Wedding minister was Damian KingRadiant beauty. Photo by Little Tree Studios - Columbus, OhioRadiant bride looks off for her photo pose at Franklin Park Conservatory in ColumbusAnother wonderful display of beauty - Bride, Joanna, after her wedding at Franklin Park ConservatoryGroom and bride share a fun moment in downtown Columbus Ohio. Photo by Little Tree StudiosJoanna & Aaron enjoy a fun moment in downtown Columbus. Bride, Joanna, and groom, Aaron, enjoy looking toward the future above the river in Columbus Ohio"What does our future hold? I'll be happy as long as I'm with you."Wedding dance in Columbus Ohio. Officiant Damian King at Franklin Park Conservatory"Can we just stop time, and stay here awhile? I am so happy we met."As the officiant for Joanna & Aaron I had the joy of participating in this couple's dream of a western ceremony. They did hold to some of their Asian traditions, though, which is why you see Aaron standing to my right, instead of my left. They were a beautiful couple and I was so happy to celebrate with them on their special day at Franklin Park Conservatory.

Kyle Maza of Little Tree Studios took these incredible photos. You can contact Kyle or her husband, Steve, at by visiting their website in the provided link or calling 614-985-1671. Email works as well at

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OneWed "Golden Feather Award" 2012 - Thank You!

OneWed Best Officiants & Clergy

We are so grateful to the wonderful brides and grooms we have the pleasure of serving as their wedding officiant in and near Columbus, Ohio. Because of you, United Marriage Services, LLC  has been awarded the OneWed "Golden Feather Award" for 2012!

This reflects that we are in the top 5% of Wedding Pros nationwide. The annual, OneWed "Golden Feather Awards" were formerly know as OneWed’s “Best Of Awards” and recognize the top wedding professionals from the OneWed Network who demonstrate excellence in quality, service, responsiveness and professionalism. Unlike other awards in which winners are selected by the organization, the OneWed "Golden Feather Awards" are determined solely by the reviews from over 1.2 million newly married brides and grooms.

Thank you so much for your kindness and appreciation that had made this honor possible! 

You can find out more by visiting our listing on OneWed. Thank you, again!

Another Beautiful Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory

As the wedding officiant for Jessica and Daniel, I was honored to celebrate with this bride and groom. We were in Columbus, Ohio, and it was time to sign the marriage license at Franklin Park Conservatory on their big day. It was fabulous weather and a wonderful moment. I love Jessica and Daniel's expressions as they both look on at the signing. You can tell that this bride and groom are meant for each other.

Wedding officiant Damian King signs marriage license in Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatoryWedding officiant, Damian King, in Columbus, Ohio, signing Jessica and Daniel's marriage license at Franklin Park Conservatory.Here is a close up view of the marriage license as their wedding photographer, Comfort Witcher, captures the image.

Jessica and Daniel's license from Marriage License Department at Probate Court in Franklin County, OhioLicense obtained from Marriage License Department - Probate Court, Franklin County, Ohio In this photograph Jessica and I were looking together at her marriage license. She is so happy that this day has come and we were enjoying the fact that she and Daniel are now married.

Happy bride views marriage license from the correct Department at Franklin County Probate Court, OhioJessica and Damian view the marriage license of the bride and groom at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OhioThe happy groom -  Here is a great shot of Daniel as he stands with joy and anticipation as his lovely bride will be approaching soon. Groom with wedding officiant, Damian King, waiting for his bride in Columbus, Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatoryDaniel, a groom filled with joy, awaits his bride with wedding officiant, Damian King, at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OhioI found this couple to be very kind and sweet. When they were together I was able to feel their love for each other and for other people, too. I was happy to celebrate with Jessica and Daniel on the beautiful day they became husband and wife.

Columbus, Ohio, Jessica and Daniel stand with their wedding officiant, Damian, at Franklin Park ConservatoryBride and groom, Jessica and Daniel with wedding officiant, Damian King, at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OhioAll photos in this entry are courtesy of Comfort Witcher and Comfort Photography. She does fantastic work as you can see from the images posted here. You can view more of her fine work at by following the link provided. Comfort's email and phone number are and 614-668-7609.

The DJ for their wedding was Dan Green of Encore Entertainment.

Ali Goldschmidt was the wedding event lady for Franklin Park Conservatory. Ali does a tremendous job and is very caring and attentive. I was glad to be on the same team with her that day.

Jessica and Daniel, your Columbus wedding was wonderful! Thanks again for inviting me to be a part of your day and to serve as your officiant. I wish you all the best and many happy years together!

Love, children, & weddings - Kendra and Nathan at Franklin Park Conservatory

The pleasure of being invited by brides and grooms to be the officiant at their wedding involves many things. We were at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, and on Kendra and Nathan's special day, their flower girl and ring bearer brought smiles and joy. Cute beyond words, the photo of these two special children below is one that can be looked at often and again.

Damian King was wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio with very cute flower girl and ring bearer at Franklin Park ConservatoryPrecious children at Kendra and Nathan's wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio.I really felt that I wanted to include this photo of Kendra because it is unique and intriguing. It holds an unspoken depth. Now let's look at some of their ceremony...

Bride poses after wedding ceremony in Columbus Ohio. Officiant was Damian KingBride in a stunning photo. Kendra at Franklin Park Conservatory.All the guests were distracted by the all-out "cuteness" of this ring bearer and flower girl.

Ring bearer and Flower girl approach in Columbus Ohio as wedding officiant Damian King prepares to deliver ceremonyFlower girl and ring bearer begin their walk down the aisle at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio. "Let's really feel these petals. This is so much fun!"

Fascinated flower girl enjoys Kendra and Nathan's wedding in Columbus Ohio while officiant Damian awaits bride's entranceWedding at Franklin Park Conservatory. Kendra and Nathan's flower girl enjoying every moment.Here we are in the Brides Garden at Franklin Park Conservatory. The bride and groom now Mr. and Mrs.! Let's hear a little of what was in their ceremony..."Kendra and Nathan met 5 years ago at Ohio University. They both knew from the very beginning of their friendship that something great was going to happen between them, but were too afraid to admit it to each other. Well obviously, they got over those fears and that is why we are celebrating here, with them today."

Time to sign the marriage license by wedding officiant Damian. Kendra and Nathan now married in Columbus OhioNewly married couple, Kendra and Nathan in Columbus, Ohio. Wedding officiant, Damian King applauds with guests.I am very happy for Nathan and Kendra. Here we are in front of the south doors that open for events.

Wedding officiant Damian King poses with bride and groom, Kendra and Nathan, in Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatoryNathan, Kendra, and wedding officiant, Damian King, in Columbus, Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatorySweet moment with groom and bride. Again, a unique photo. Their photographer took many shots with a not-so-common flair.

Kendra and Nathan after wedding in Columbus Ohio. Officiant, Damian King fulfills marriage license dutiesNewlyweds, Nathan and Kendra, after their wedding ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OhioHere she is again. Flower girl personified.

Flower girl in Columbus Ohio. Kendra and Nathan's wedding. Officiant was Damian KingThis flower girl brings sunshine to any day. Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio. And lastly, an awesomely sweet shot of bride, Kendra, with her flower girl. Like most in this entry, this photo speaks by itself.

Bride with bouquet in Columbus Ohio. Flower girl smiles after wedding. Damian was officiantBride, Kendra, with bouquet and flower girl - Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OhioAll photographs in this entry are courtesy of Suzanne Pyle of Suzanne Pyle Photography (no website yet). Please contact Suzanne at her phone number by calling 740-443-6006.

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea Bannan at Franklin Park Conservatory. She did (and does) a wonderful job making sure that all couples have a fantastic wedding experience.

Kendra and Nathan, I wish you every good blessing in your lives together! Thanks for asking me to be your officiant for your wedding day in Columbus, Ohio!    

Christy & John - Franklin Park Conservatory

Here we are at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. The privilege of being the wedding officiant for John and Christy's ceremony was mine that day. There was barely a cloud in the sky. But love was definitely in the air as this wonderful couple became husband and wife. Damian King in Columbus Ohio as wedding officiant at Franklin Park ConservatoryJohn and Christy with wedding officiant, Damian King, at Franklin Park ConservatoryI love to personalize the wedding ceremony with each couple. Here is a little peek at theirs..."This happy couple, John and Christy stand before you today and this journey to becoming husband and wife, for them, has been filled with joy, fun, and a quite bit of humor. For instance, they worked together at the same company. One day, John finally got up enough nerve to approach Christy  and he said this to her - “I want to know if you have a boyfriend.” Christy’s response was  - “No, do you know of someone?” Even though Christy wasn’t picking up on John’s meaning he was not fazed and kept right on with his plan. He then said – “Will you go out to lunch or dinner with me?” Chrsity’s response was, “Yes”…but then she said, “wait a minute….I thought you were married”.  So, she put the idea of "dates" with John on hold…but he just kept asking and she finally said “yes”, and it was for sure this time. Then in 2010, at Christmastime, they became officially engaged."
Christy and John's wedding ceremony with officiant Damian King in Columbus OhioJohn & Christy's wedding ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio. Officiant, Damian King Eliza Babarczy was the venue professional assigned to take care of John and Christy's needs for their wedding experience at Franklin Park Conservatory. This wedding venue is amazing with the level of service and care each couple receives. It helps everything to flow very smoothly.

This photo below captures the beauty of what Chrsity and John share in the surroundings of what this venue offers brides and grooms. Of course the weather was cooperating too!John and Christy pose after their wedding ceremony in Columbus OhioJohn and Christy so happy together after their wedding ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OhioOne reason why I love this last photograph is that is shows a lot about this couple. John is strong, yet gentle and caring; and Christy is strong and sensitive, but just what John needs. In my opinion, they seem to "glow" together in each other's love...

Christy and John just married at wedding venue, Franklin Park ConservatoryChristy and John in the glow of married love, "I could never imagine life without you."The images in this blog entry are the fine artistic work of John Cover of Reflections Photo Studio. Please visit John's website by way of the link provided. You can also reach him by email at and by phone at 614-890-0303. He also has a Mansfield, Ohio, line at 419-774-0303.

Wedding music was provided by Nyte Flyte Entertainment.

John and Christy, thanks again for inviting me to be your officiant at your wedding. I enjoyed conducting a happy and memorable ceremony with you and wish you all the best in your years together!

Jenny & Diego - A Lifetime Commitment and a Bit of Fun!

Jenny and Diego pose with wedding officiant, Damian King at Darby House in Columbus, OhioJenny & Diego pose with officiant, Damian King at Darby House in Galloway, OhioJenny & Diego were enjoying each other at Darby House in Columbus, Ohio! They asked me to be their wedding officiant and to join in the celebration of the day they became husband and wife. It was a privilege and honor for me to do so. In the photograph below, Diego places the ring on Jenny's finger as she smiles. It was a joyous, yet solemn, moment.

 Damian King witnesses as wedding officiant as Diego gives the ring to his bride at Darby House, Galloway, OhioDiego gives the wedding ring to his bride at Darby House in Galloway, OhioColumbus Ohio wedding officiant Damian King looks on as Diego and Jenny engage in wedding dipDiego and Jenny's wedding dip as officiant, Damian King looks on. 




Diego, who has quite a talent for dancing, could not resist the opportunity to engage in the "wedding dip" with his bride. It was a fun moment that added an extra spark to the atmosphere!



The images in this entry are the work of Donna Keidel of dk photographic. If you'd like to reach her you can call Donna at 614-793-1244, or click the link to her website above.

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Alana & Joel's Magical Wedding Tale!

Alana prepares to meet her groom at Homestead Park in Hilliard, Ohio."My wedding day is here!", Alana says, as her expectation rises. We were in Columbus, Ohio, and as the wedding officiant for Alana & Joel, I had the privilege of witnessing these beautiful events, and sharing in their special day. I will attempt to recall some of their moments together...with a small amount of poetic license.

Let's look at the image below. Joel has been waiting a while, and from the look on his face you can tell, he is happy with the events of this wonderful day as they are unfolding!

Joel and wedding officiant, Damian King, at Homestead Park in Hilliard"Are you ready for me now?"

Alana gazes into the enclosure where her wedding is about to take place!Who can fault this excited bride for wanting to see where we were and if we were ready? But Joel's look says it all, "I am ready to meet you here, my beautiful bride, my beautiful wife to be."

The groom, Joel and their officiant, Damian King, wait for the bride's entrance"The moments we have waited for are here. In front of all of our family and friends we are exchanging thoughts and vows filled with love and dedication. I am yours for a lifetime, and I am so glad to be standing here with you today."

A precious moment, Alana and Joel in the process of becoming husband and wife.After that wonderful ceremony, I think a hug is in order! You guys were amazing. I so enjoyed sharing in your special moments together!

Alana, Joel, and Damian enjoy a hug together after the ceremony.A little fun with the groom. A wedding is a time of joy, not a funeral. Joel thought so, too!

The officiant and the groom having fun"Hey Mr. & Mrs. Photographer, do you think that this couple could have some alone time now? They deserve it don't they?" Photographers' response, "Of course they do...we'll get to that right away!" And off they went for some more intimate moments together.

Alana, Joel and Damian in a "rat pack" style pose.Oh, we're finally alone!

Joel and Alana embrace as Mr. and Mrs.As the day winds down, the realization deepens...

Relaxing by the watersideLooking to the future together. A lifetime of love ahead of us.

The sun begins to set and the bride and groom enjoy the warmth of each other's love."I will never forget this day, or these moments with you..."

Like a dream that doesn't end. A kiss in the setting sun.We have awoken and it's not a dream. We are so thankful for each other.

Countdown is over. A new day begins.Thank you for sharing in Alana & Joel's wedding story. Although some editing and polishing were used for presentation purposes, what you have seen here captures the essence of what Alana & Joel shared that day.

The amazing images in this entry are courtesy of Nichole and Deron Klatte of Klatte Photography. Please visit their website by clicking on the link provided. You can email Nichole and Deron at or give them a call at 614-430-9760. You will not be disappointed with their professionalism, their fun and upbeat personalities, and their incredible photographic ability as seen in the images in this entry.

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Sarai & Michael - Kenyon College Dream

This Greater Columbus, Ohio couple have a beautiful love story. As their wedding officiant, I was privileged to share in just a small part of Michael and Sarai's story as they married each other at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. The setting was beautiful Peirce Hall, filled with charm and style.

Sarai was so thankful as her ceremony was filled with what she and Michael had chosen. Truly personalized.

Here is a small portion of their ceremony.... "While they have known each other since middle school, it all started with their first date at prom their junior year of high school.  The next morning, under the pretense of delivering pictures from the night before, Michael showed up on Sarai’s doorstep in order to ask for a second date." And later on... "Even with their hectic schedules, they always found time for each other, and their relationship grew stronger even as they were apart. Given the dedication and care they had shown for each other, their engagement last summer was welcome news but hardly a surprise. Knowing, that after this, they will be living in the same city, for once able to see each other every single day, is a joy, and there is nothing that these two want or deserve more than to spend the rest of their lives together."

Sarai and Michael, thank you for the honor of being a part of this, your special day. May you be filled with the Best that this life has to offer for all your days together!

The photograph in this entry is from Annie Thress Photography. You can contact Annie at the link provided or call her at 614.598.7648.

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When Scott met Meagan...

When Scott met Meagan their lives would never be the same. They fell in love and decided to marry in Columbus, Ohio. It was a residential ceremony, and as their wedding officiant it was my pleasure to help these two love birds tie the knot and begin their married life together.

Scott is friends with a bride for whom I had officiated at OSU, which was one reason Scott & Meagan asked me to celebrate with them!

The above photo is sweet. Meagan's red shoes matching the other red items, her slight pout, and Scott's smile and gaze all engender a bit of curiosity and humor. You almost wonder what they were thinking about at the time. Plus, it's cute!

Kate Brewer, of Kathryn Brewer Photography took the photos in this entry. Kate's phone number is 440-623-9319 and her email is

Well, I'm off to prepare for another wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory. Thanks for reading my blog and have a great day!

Love's not a fight...Is it?

In the grassy fields close to Scioto Reserve, a wedding venue near Columbus, Ohio, Christine and Bill were ready for anything! As their wedding officiant, I enjoyed many fun moments with this couple. They were not going to let me leave until I married them and signed the paperwork - Otherwise I would be nerfed to death.

Not wanting to face such a fate, I decided to stay...and, thankfully for me, it turned out to be a beautiful ceremony...

They were a lot more friendly after the ceremony was complete. No weapons present. Whew!

Still making sure I would get it right, they waited patiently....

Bill & Christine were truly a wonderful couple. Light hearted and happy, there were heartfelt emotions expressed during their ceremony and fun and jokes as well.

Below they exchange a memorable wedding day kiss. I love the way this photo coordinates with the colors, the position of the bride and groom, her flowers, his hand. Nice job Little Tree Studios! (more info below this image).

All images in this entry are from Little Tree Studios and the fine work of Kyle Muza and her husband Steve Muza. Please visit their website by selecting the link provided. Kyle's phone number is 614-985-1671 and her email is

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Ken & Brenda! Station 67

Station 67 in Columbus, Ohio is becoming quite a popular venue. Ken and Brenda asked me to be their wedding officiant as they celebrated their new union as husband and wife! I was honored to be a part of their special day.

Ken and Brenda sent me the following via email, "We were VERY pleased with the Ceremony. You handled it Perfectly."

Thanks, Ken and Brenda! I wish you all the best in your future together!

Ken & Brenda's photograph is courtesy of Ernest C. Clark, of Clark Photgraphic Services. You can visit Ernest's website by following the provided link. You can contact him at the following email

Will You Marry Me, In Two Places?

The idea of getting married in two places seems almost magical. This couple began their wedding outside at the Browning Amphitheater at OSU in Columbus, Ohio. As the wedding officiant for Andy and Maggie, I was having a lot of fun starting their ceremony with storm clouds and thunder overhead.

Then about one-third of the way through their ceremony it started to pour (photo below). I didn't mind though as we were having fun. The bridal party and guests were becoming a bit drenched. Andy asked me several times, "What do you want to do?" to which I replied, "I have no preference, what would you like to do?" You see, I had a nice, big umbrella being held over me so I was not getting soaked, and I didn't have anywhere to go right after the ceremony.

You can really see the rain coming down in the picture below. See...Maggie is enjoying every moment!

Finally the groom made the call and said, "Let's go inside." So inside the OSU Faculty Club we went... and so did all the very wet (and happy) guests, who were having fun themselves.

Once we came in for a landing, and the guests were ready, the first words out of my mouth were..."Now, where were we?" Their family and friends all laughed and we picked up right where we left off, as the guests continued to dry out. It was great.

Does this couple look bored to you? Not a chance....

A sweet token of love after I said, "You may kiss the bride!"

The newly married couple presented, now celebrate. The moment they have planned and waited for has come. You can see Andy and Maggie's faces beaming with joy. Happy to be together. Happy to be husband and wife!... on this day, as they were married in two places.

Once again, Kevin Keefer is the photographer behind these images. You can contact Kevin by following the link to Kevin Keefer Photography or calling 614-787-4743. He is wonderful to work with and captures amazing pictures. True treasures. His email is You can read Andy & Maggie's review and find out more about Kevin's work by following this link at Weddingwire.

Thanks for reading my blog about a fun and memorable wedding celebration with Andy & Maggie.

The Venue & The Loft. Hello Smith Brothers!

As a wedding officiant in Columbus, Ohio I have the privilege of marrying couples at many unique and stylish venues. Recently I took a trip over to the The Loft and The Venue at Smith Brother's (when the weather was a bit cooler) to see their location, and to find out more about how they do things. I have conducted a number of ceremonies at this fine, full-service venue and will be there again several times in the coming months.

I met with Molly Rayo, a great lady who does a wonderful job, to find out more about how things are run, and to discuss how we can better serve the brides and grooms we are fortunate enough to share these timeless moments with...becoming husband and wife! The food is prepared and served by the family-owned and operated Zuppa Catering which has been named one of the top 25 caterers in Business First Magazine.

 We took a walk around the outer court to see where brides can have their ceremonies outdoors.

This is the gate where the excited bride will enter to take her walk down the isle...

The first photo in this entry is looking up...this one is looking below, to ground level. For clarification - Molly's are the shoes on on the right!

I look forward to working more with Molly, and the entire staff at Smith Brother's again. I encourage you to take some time to visit The Loft & The Venue at Smith Brothers, and give Molly a call at 614-469-9999, or send her an email at You will enjoy food that is truly delicious, and you will be given wonderful service by a staff that truly cares.

Thanks for reading my blog entry and enjoy!

Lei & Jeff - The Blackwell at OSU

Here is a couple I will not soon forget. I had the honor of being the wedding officiant at the Blackwell at OSU in Columbus, Ohio for this beautiful couple, Lei & Jeff! The following photographs are truly precious. It is as if you can actually feel their love for each other as you view these images. I will let the next few speak for themselves...

Here is a small part of the story of their love that was actually read as part of their ceremony. I enjoyed every precious moment...

"As we reflect on the journey traveled thus far by Lei and Jeff, it is truly a beautiful story. Even though Lei and Jeff were both born and raised from a country halfway around the world, they met and fell in love here at OSU. It was by the steps of Fisher that they made a promise, a promise to journey together, to walk side by side in both joyful and challenging times. We are together here today at this symbolic location, to witness the marriage of Lei and Jeff, as they take another significant step together on their journey through life."

Below they share in their sand ceremony which reflects the joining of their lives as one. A man and woman, now husband and wife. The most incredible union known on earth.

Below is a moment of joyous celebration! Weddings should be joyful, fun, happy and personal; something that the bride and groom will remember for a lifetime.

A final shot filled with flair! Lei & Jeff are not only very much in love with each other, they also are very sweet people who love life and try to enjoy the good things found along the way. They are happy to be taking this journey together!

I wish you, Lei & Jeff all the Best that this life has to offer. May your years be rich and blessed.

All their photographs were by the same photographer listed in an earlier bog entry. They have asked not to be credited due to moving out of the wedding industry. I really wish I could credit them, because they do marvelous work. My deepest thanks for the use of your photos.

The other vendors who served Lei & Jeff were of course, The Blackwell. Call and talk to Blaire Blechinger (614) 247-4006 who will give you amazing service. Nathan Nazack of Prodigy Video (614) 321-9350 was their wonderful videographer. Their live music was performed by Fiddles and Faces.

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Lauren & Darin - Our Lady of Victory

Here we go at Our Lady of Victory Reception Hall in Columbus, Ohio, (technically it's in Marble Cliff). As the wedding officiant for Lauren & Darin, I believe I was one of the very few to solemnize a wedding there without being a priest. Life's circumstances can be interesting at times, but I certainly loved celebrating with this beautiful couple on their special day!

Below, Lauren is repeating her vows which read in part, "I give you this ring as as sign of my promise". It was very sweet.  

A happy moment below..."it is my honor and privilege to now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!".

A joyous day and great weather too! Here is the lovely bride with her happy groom. Darin seems very satisfied at this moment. Lauren and Darin, I enjoyed my time with you and wish you many happy years together!

Another very sweet shot of this beautiful couple.

You may find this hard to believe but the professional photographer who took these images requested to remain completely anonymous. He was kind enough to share them with us, but he does not want to work in the wedding industry as he is active in another field. We are grateful to him and would have listed his contact info if it were not for his request.  

This next shot is really classy. The sun's rays coming through with the styled architecture and the way this couple is looking at each other along with Darin holding her dress. Very cool.

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Maurice & Elisa! The River Club at Confluence Park!

Here we are at the River Club at Confluence Park, and in the background, a gorgeous view of Downtown Columbus, Ohio! I had the pleasure of serving as the wedding officiant for Maurice and Elisa.

It was a beautiful day, and many of their friends and family came to share in their special day. I had a lot of fun -and as you can see on Elisa's face, she is enjoying their celebration. And just look at the incredible train on her dress! Their sweet daughter, Isabella, is on grandma's lap up front.

Wishing you, Maurice and Elisa, a great marriage as as you continue on your life's journey together!

Photographs in this entry are courtesy of Benjamin Todd photography. You can contact Benjamin at 614-274-1458. His email is