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Love, children, & weddings - Kendra and Nathan at Franklin Park Conservatory

The pleasure of being invited by brides and grooms to be the officiant at their wedding involves many things. We were at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, and on Kendra and Nathan's special day, their flower girl and ring bearer brought smiles and joy. Cute beyond words, the photo of these two special children below is one that can be looked at often and again.

Damian King was wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio with very cute flower girl and ring bearer at Franklin Park ConservatoryPrecious children at Kendra and Nathan's wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus Ohio.I really felt that I wanted to include this photo of Kendra because it is unique and intriguing. It holds an unspoken depth. Now let's look at some of their ceremony...

Bride poses after wedding ceremony in Columbus Ohio. Officiant was Damian KingBride in a stunning photo. Kendra at Franklin Park Conservatory.All the guests were distracted by the all-out "cuteness" of this ring bearer and flower girl.

Ring bearer and Flower girl approach in Columbus Ohio as wedding officiant Damian King prepares to deliver ceremonyFlower girl and ring bearer begin their walk down the aisle at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus Ohio. "Let's really feel these petals. This is so much fun!"

Fascinated flower girl enjoys Kendra and Nathan's wedding in Columbus Ohio while officiant Damian awaits bride's entranceWedding at Franklin Park Conservatory. Kendra and Nathan's flower girl enjoying every moment.Here we are in the Brides Garden at Franklin Park Conservatory. The bride and groom now Mr. and Mrs.! Let's hear a little of what was in their ceremony..."Kendra and Nathan met 5 years ago at Ohio University. They both knew from the very beginning of their friendship that something great was going to happen between them, but were too afraid to admit it to each other. Well obviously, they got over those fears and that is why we are celebrating here, with them today."

Time to sign the marriage license by wedding officiant Damian. Kendra and Nathan now married in Columbus OhioNewly married couple, Kendra and Nathan in Columbus, Ohio. Wedding officiant, Damian King applauds with guests.I am very happy for Nathan and Kendra. Here we are in front of the south doors that open for events.

Wedding officiant Damian King poses with bride and groom, Kendra and Nathan, in Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatoryNathan, Kendra, and wedding officiant, Damian King, in Columbus, Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatorySweet moment with groom and bride. Again, a unique photo. Their photographer took many shots with a not-so-common flair.

Kendra and Nathan after wedding in Columbus Ohio. Officiant, Damian King fulfills marriage license dutiesNewlyweds, Nathan and Kendra, after their wedding ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, OhioHere she is again. Flower girl personified.

Flower girl in Columbus Ohio. Kendra and Nathan's wedding. Officiant was Damian KingThis flower girl brings sunshine to any day. Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, Ohio. And lastly, an awesomely sweet shot of bride, Kendra, with her flower girl. Like most in this entry, this photo speaks by itself.

Bride with bouquet in Columbus Ohio. Flower girl smiles after wedding. Damian was officiantBride, Kendra, with bouquet and flower girl - Franklin Park Conservatory, Columbus, OhioAll photographs in this entry are courtesy of Suzanne Pyle of Suzanne Pyle Photography (no website yet). Please contact Suzanne at her phone number by calling 740-443-6006.

I had the pleasure of working with Andrea Bannan at Franklin Park Conservatory. She did (and does) a wonderful job making sure that all couples have a fantastic wedding experience.

Kendra and Nathan, I wish you every good blessing in your lives together! Thanks for asking me to be your officiant for your wedding day in Columbus, Ohio!    

Teresa & Ben - Wedding Ceremony at Scioto Reserve

After Teresa and Ben met with me in our United Marriage Services office in Columbus, Ohio they decided to ask me to be their officiant for their wedding day.  My philosophy is that a wedding ceremony is a celebration that should not be stale or boring. Damian King serves as wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio for Ben and TeresaDamian King enjoys a moment with Teresa and Ben as their wedding officiant in greater Columbus, OhioWe were at Scioto Reserve venue in Powell. Already enjoying a great deal of humor and fun in their relationship, Ben and Teresa made it easy to celebrate their lifetime commitment with laughter and smiles. We worked on their ceremony together so that it was personalized to reflect their own relationship. Here is a little sample of their own unique (and fun) wording. Keep reading, it gets good...Columbus Ohio, Ben and Teresa's wedding with Damian King officiantJoy and happiness between bride and groom, Teresa and Ben at Scioto Reserve venue in Powell, Ohio"Teresa saw Ben, in her own words, as 'serious husband material.' Their story began while working together years ago, when one day Teresa said to him, 'Hey Clark!' (Because he looks like Clark Kent). Then she asked, 'Is that your real name?' He answered, 'No, but I get that all the time.' Teresa was rather bold in handing him a slip of paper and declaring, 'Here’s my number, I think we should go out sometime!'Near Columbus Ohio, Ben looks at wedding officiant Damian King waiting for the ringTime for Ben to receive Teresa's wedding ring. Their officiant, Damian King, prepares to present Ben's "token of love".They continued to develop a friendship for 3 years, and the circumstances of their lives changed, opening the door for there to be more than friendship between them. As Ben continues to work hard in law school, they have supported and encouraged each other, and look forward to continuing in the love that has grown between them." Wedding officiant Damian King smiles as Teresa places ring on Ben's handA special and fun moment as Teresa places the wedding ring on Ben's finger, in Powell, OhioTeresa and Ben also took advantage of our Marriage Foundations™ pre-marriage program. Here is a little feedback from what they wrote, "I would highly recommend this class to anyone in a serious relationship, the classes help put marriage in the perspective it needs to be." and also, "The main benefit for me was the road map for a successful, life long relationship."  You can read more of what Ben & Teresa had to say by following this link to Weddingwire.

Teresa and Ben walk after officiant Damian King presents the bride and groomA joyous moment for Teresa and Ben. Damian King has just pronounced them husband and wife and the celebration continues!All photos in this entry are courtesy of Lindseys Photography. Follow the link provided to visit Lindsey Ely's website. You can also call her at 937-474-8959. Her email is Lindsey@Lindseysphotography.com.

Music was provided by Sonic Sounds Entertainment and the husband wife team of Frank Golisano and his wife Sheila.

Teresa and Ben, I wish you all the best in your years together! It was my pleasure to serve as your wedding officiant.