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Sarah and Brent - Four Seasons Wedding Venue!

It was another beautiful day in Columbus, Ohio. As the wedding officiant for Sarah and Brent on the day they were married at Four Seasons venue, it was my honor to share in some very precious moments in their lives. In the photograph below you can feel the rich glow of their love.Damian King was wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio for Sarah and Brent at Four SeasonsBrent and Sarah enjoying a moment together at Four Seasons wedding venue in Columbus, Ohio. This bride is highly photogenic.Wedding venue, Four Seasons in Columbus Ohio. Officiant, Damian King, with Julie Linz PhotographyLovely bride on the day for which she has waited - Wedding in Hilliard, Ohio.This couple's family and friends were really enjoying this celebration. Here, Sarah stands with her father.Father of the bride at wedding venue Four Seasons in Columbus, Ohio. Judith Margaroli proprietor.Father of the bride with daughter. A moment to remember at Four Seasons wedding venue in Columbus, Ohio. Sarah and Brent have many ways to communicate with each other. Sometimes a look or a glance is enough. Let's listen in on their ceremony....Wedding officiant Damian King pronounces husband and wife at Four Seasons venue in Columbus Ohio"Would you like to have some fun?""As many of you know this beautiful couple was set up by Sarah’s mom, who had seen some potential in Brent & Sarah being together. In January of 2008, they had exchanged phone numbers and pictures and started dating right away and by the summer of 2009 they pretty much knew they were going to be married." Brent and Sarah also have a great sense of humor. They are always joking with each other and having fun, and they have some funny stories about their relationship. With words from their ceremony, before they were engaged..."They were together on a trip to the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. While they were there in Gatlinburg she had noticed a Diamond Cellar bag among their belongings so what crossed Sarah’s mind when she saw this Diamond Cellar bag was (not that her engagement ring was in it - but that something completely different of Brent's)... was in it!" The story continues from there...Sarah and Brent head to wedding reception at Four Seasons in Columbus Ohio. Damian King officiant"Let's hit the dance floor.""Later she came out onto the porch and there was a different expression on Brent’s face as it was unfolding before the two of them that this was the moment that he would propose to the one he loved." Bride and groom enjoying a dance at wedding venue Four Seasons in Columbus. Damian King, officiant"I am glad I listened to you...this is fun."Some more humor - "Some of you may not know that on their first date Brent tried to get Sarah hypnotized on stage." Four Seasons wedding venue, Sarah dances to Night Music DJ. Judith Margaroli Proprietor - Julie Linz PhotographerRadiant beauty - "This is a celebration I will always remember.""And their first real vacation was a motorcycle ride….around lake Erie…packing in a saddle bag for a week!!"Marriage License signed by wedding officiant Damian King in Columbus, OhioWedding officiant, Damian King, signs marriage license in Columbus, Ohio, for Brent and Sarah at Four Seasons venue.But with all their humor and zest for life their dedication is very real as "Sarah wants to marry Brent because of his unique, positive, and strong personality. She is attracted to him, also, because of his caring, loving nature." And...Bubbles fly as Sarah and Brent exit Four Seasons wedding venue. Officiant provided by United Marriage Services, LLC"I am so happy to be making this journey with you.""Brent wants to marry Sarah because he finds her so beautiful; her personality, her smile, and her eyes. He also loves her sense of humor, her generosity, and her integrity as a person." Approaching their limousine, Sarah and Brent, now married at Four Seasons wedding venue in Hilliard OhioBrent and Sarah with limousine waiting at Four Seasons wedding venue in Columbus Ohio."And ladies and gentleman this is why we are here today. To celebrate with Brent and Sarah the joyous love and devotion they share as today, they become united for all their days as husband and wife."

Sarah and Brent embark from their wedding for the honeymoon"Today our journey continues. On to our honeymoon."

The photographs in this entry are the fine work of Julie Linz of Julie Linz Photography. Please visit her website by following the link provided. Julie's email is and her phone number is 866-730-8886.

Night Music DJ with Steve Ransom provided the music and Steve always does a fantastic job. Steve and his wife, Jodi Ransom, are members of Wedding Professionals of Columbus.

Judith and Enrico Margaroli are the owners of Four Seasons and they always provide outstanding and timely service to brides and grooms in the greater Columbus, Ohio area.

Sarah and Brent, I wish you the very best this life has to offer! Thanks again for inviting me to celebrate your wedding with you as your officiant. I enjoyed it immensely!

Alison & Justin! - Heritage Golf Club

I had the privilege to celebrate as the officiant at Alison and Justin's wedding in Columbus, Ohio. We were at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard and looking at the picture below you can feel the love and tenderness this couple shares. Alison and Justin marry in Columbus, Ohio. Their wedding officiant was Damian King.Alison and Justin enjoy a tender moment at Heritage Golf Club wedding venue in Hilliard, OhioThis venue is a fantastic place to have a wedding. The atmosphere is light and the food is amazing. The Sales and Catering Manager, Jody Unger, does a fabulous job and she truly cares. She is very sensitive to each couples needs and works tirelessly to see that each wedding is a unique and memorable experience.

In the photograph below, We are just having a little fun during the ceremony. I forget exactly what was said but the bride and groom were enjoying each moment. Wedding officiant Damian King laughs in Columbus Ohio at Alison and Justin's ceremonyWedding officiant, Damian King, laughs with Alison and Justin in Columbus, OhioJustin reads personal vows he prepared.Officiant Damian King hears personal vows read by Justin at wedding in Columbus OhioThe groom reads personal vows to his bride. A very touching moment. For a moment the emotions he feels breaks through and we are all touched. Justin expresses emotion for his bride during his wedding ceremony in Hilliard, OhioThe groom expresses some emotion for the bride he loves.Here is a shot of me receiving their rings.Damian is given wedding ring in Columbus Ohio. He was officiant for Alison and Justin at HeritageDamian King receives the wedding rings at Heritage Golf Club in Columbus, Ohio. Now Alison reads her incredible personal vows for Justin. It was very hot that day, but the joy of these moments overshadowed the summer heat. Wedding ceremony personal vows read by Alison at Heritage Golf Club in ColumbusBride's turn. Alison reads personal vows to her groom, Justin.Alison receives Justin's ring while I hold the personal vows she just read to her groom. Amazing.Damian King holds Alison's personal vows. The officiant places ring in her hand at Columbus, OhioAlison receives Justin's wedding ring as Damian holds her personal vows. I had the honor of reading some things about this loving couple. Part of their ceremony went like this. From Alison, "On Saturday, June 19, while in Wisconsin and on the way to a going away party for him, we passed by the kickball field that held so much meaning for us. Justin suggested we go look around one last time. Columbus, Ohio wedding. Officiant Damian King looks on as Alison places ring on Justin's fingerAlison places Justin's wedding ring on his finger at Heritage Golf Club."As we got out of the car and started walking around Justin began reminiscing about the first time he saw me, the first time he talked to me, and the first time he thought I might be a 'cool girl'.  Then he said we had so many good memories on the kickball field, why not have one more.  Then he got down on one knee and proposed.  Of course I said 'yes' and here we are, getting married! Sand Ceremony for their wedding in Columbus, Ohio. Damian prepares to read.Alison and Justin prepare for their sand ceremony at their wedding in Columbus, Ohio."Justin’s sweet and gentle nature keeps me sane when things get crazy.  We fit together perfectly.  Because He lets me do things that are unique to my life and my personality, I feel even more love for Justin. When we are together, we are completely together and pay attention to each other.  Justin always listens to me and more importantly actually remembers what I say, sometimes even better than I do!  By listening and paying attention I can tell that he really does love and care for me.  I have a hectic life and I am very busy but Justin has such a calm demeanor that spending time with him is an instant stress reliever.  I also know that I can count on Justin for anything.   I feel we are true partners.  I think it helps that both sets of our parents have been married for so long that we have great examples of what it takes to be in a good marriage.  Being with Justin makes life easier.  I never realized how much I was missing until I met Justin.  Now I can’t imagine my life without him." 
As their officiant Damian King presents Alison and Justin at their wedding in Columbus, OhioWedding officiant, Damian King, presents the happy newlyweds in Columbus, Ohio.Now from Justin. Be prepared to smile and laugh.
"Alison was my first girlfriend. All those little cues and lessons you pick up in a relationship I didn't have when we first met.
I didn't know how long to wait to ask a girl out. When you got their phone number how long till you call, television shows told me if you call too soon she'll think you’re desperate. Most importantly, I was brand new at picking up and giving out the signs for when you want to kiss someone for the first time. My first plan went like this... Time for Damian to sign the marriage license after wedding ceremony in Columbus OhioHappy couple and happy bridesmaids! Alison and Justin, now married!"We were hiking in a state park. I knew there was a great view at the top. I imagined us looking out at the view and then sharing our first kiss. It would be magical. We reached the top of the trail and I sat down looking out - Step one for my big chance. However, although I was sitting she did not sit down and instead continuing right past me on the trail! I was kicking myself that night."
Wedding ceremony now over, the happy bride and groom look to the future."My life has been forever changed by you, my love. I see my future in your eyes.""It was the next time… we went out to a movie. Afterwards we headed back to her place and talked on the couch. The whole time in my head I was saying to myself 'KISS HER', but I was too afraid. It got late and it was time for me to leave. She opened the door and I started to leave. There I am … in the doorway. If I continue leaving maybe it will never happens for us. Instead I turn around and tell her 'There's just one more thing.' Perhaps she could read my eyes saying 'I really want to kiss you, but don't know how.' She reached out, grabbed my shirt, pulled me to her, and planted one on me. Needless to say when I left, I was on cloud nine. The more and more time I spent with her the more I realized how much we had in common. She liked BattleStar Galactica, I like BattleStar Galactica. She loved board games, I love board games. She liked chicken …. well, it’s a good thing because she is going eat a lot of chicken if we're going out together. (Justin loves chicken). When she moved to St. Louis… I remember fighting back tears the whole ride back to Madison. I remember how much I hated that six hour drive, but how much I loved seeing her when I got there. I don't know for sure when I knew we'd be in it for the long haul. What I do know is that in that doorway she didn't grab my shirt, she grabbed my heart, and I'm still on cloud nine." Wedding officiant, Damian King has signed the marriage license. In Columbus, Ohio Alison and Justin dance into their future."I know you'll never leave my side. I enjoy every moment with you."All photographs were provided by Aperture Photography, and the work of Hristina Panovska and Paul Rentler. Please visit their website by selecting the link provided. You can also call Aperture at 614-432-2980 and the email address is

Live music was provided by the talented Supertonic String Quartet. Heritage Golf Club is a member of Wedding Professionals of Columbus. You can reads more about them at WeddingWire and the knot.

Alison and Justin, being a part of your celebration was such a wonderful experience. Thanks for the honor of serving as your wedding officiant the day you were married in Columbus, Ohio!    

Brand New Venue - Grand Oaks in Grove City, Ohio!

The weather in Columbus Ohio is cold and icy right now in early February. As a wedding officiant, I have the pleasure of serving brides and grooms at many venues. As a reminder that our current wintry weather will not last, it was sunny and warmer on the day I visited. Grand Oaks Event and Business Center in Grove City is a brand new wedding venue that I feel sure you will love. 

wedding officiant Damian King visits Grand Oaks Event and Business Center in Grove City OhioNew Wedding Venue - Grand Oaks Event and Business Center in Grove City

Below is Randy Mosher, co-owner of this gorgeous facility. He and his wife, Peggy Mosher, built this center from the ground up. They were able to fulfill their dream and fill it with personal touches and amenities that make the overall experience pleasant and memorable. Let's have a look at some details. If you were to ask Randy and Peggy "What makes your center unique and special?" - here is their response:

Wow, where do we start? We often hear from different clients that come through our facility some version of “Oh, my gosh, there's just no place like this anywhere in Columbus/Central Ohio!”, and we also hear a lot of “Wow, you guys have just thought of EVERYTHING! Why didn't anyone else think to do all this??”

We love hearing those sentiments, and of course that was our goal: to offer you more.

  • For starters, our Ballroom seats approx. 350 people (depending on seating arrangement) and our patio is actually bigger than the Ballroom.
  • Our fenced in lawn is about the same size as our entire building (over 12,000 sq. ft.). Talk about a place for a fabulous outdoor event!
  • If you're having a ceremony, you can have it and the reception all here, and we offer a variety of ceremony sites. For instance, there's the gazebo on the lawn (with paved walkway, wired for sound & electricity); the patio (sized perfectly to hold a tent if desired, with built-in fireplace, fountain, & 3-hole putting green); the Ballroom (with an aisle similar to a large church, built-in stage, plenty of ceiling hook-points for optional lights or draping); or the Gallery (with beautiful black granite fireplace, crystal chandelier, and a great view of the lawn beyond).
  • Our Ballroom does not have any columns to block your guests' view, opens directly onto the patio, and has truly the latest and best in audio/visual technology.
  • We like to offer you options, so our dance floor and all four bars are portable. You can put them wherever you want, even outside.
  • We have plenty of parking spaces and your guests park free
  • We have 11 hotels nearby (within a mile) and are close to all major highways.
  • And our women's restroom has not only one, but two crystal chandeliers!

Owner, Randy Mosher with Damian King, Wedding Officiant at Grand Oaks Event and Business Center in Grove City

This chandelier is beautiful enough in this photograph. But it is truly amazing in person. Here are a couple more photos.

Ladies Restroom Chandelier at Grand Oaks Event and Business Center

Grand Oaks Grand Ballroom Ceiling, Multi-Layered for Enhanced Visual and Acoustic Effects

Main Sign for Grand Oaks Event and Business Center in Grove City Ohio

Call Randy or Peggy Mosher, or their event manager, Cori Rapp at 614-539-0199. You can visit their website by following the link provided here. Randy's, Peggy's and Cori's email addresses are respectively,,, and United Marriage Services LLC and Grand Oaks Event and Business Center are members of the Wedding Professionals of Columbus, Jamie Rapavy, president.

All photos in this entry are courtesy of Open Prism Photography and the work of photographer, Rebekah King. You can visit her website by following the link provided. Rebekah's phone number is 614-653-9082.

Thanks for visiting my website and reading my blog!

Shiela & Chris Celebrate Their Love at Darby House

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 1Shiela and Chris at Darby HouseThis is a photo of Shiela & Chris, now husband and wife. I had the honor of being their wedding officiant and we had a lot of fun on a warm day this past September in Columbus, Ohio. More specifically, we were at Darby House in Galloway.









I am going to allow these following shots to tell their own story. It has been said that "a picture is worth a thousand words". These next photos help to confirm the truth in this phrase.

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 2

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 3

Wedding officiant in Columbus is Damian King for Shiela and Chris 4

Shiela & Chris, may all of your days together be rich and blessed!

Kelli Harris of Kelli Harris Photography is the lady whose fine work helped to capture these moments. You can reach Kelli at 614-429-0784 and by email at Cameron Mitchell Restaurants provides the fine food at Darby House and is a member of Wedding Professionals of Columbus.

I hope you have had fun reading my blog entry. Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day!