Sarai & Michael - Kenyon College Dream

This Greater Columbus, Ohio couple have a beautiful love story. As their wedding officiant, I was privileged to share in just a small part of Michael and Sarai's story as they married each other at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. The setting was beautiful Peirce Hall, filled with charm and style.

Sarai was so thankful as her ceremony was filled with what she and Michael had chosen. Truly personalized.

Here is a small portion of their ceremony.... "While they have known each other since middle school, it all started with their first date at prom their junior year of high school.  The next morning, under the pretense of delivering pictures from the night before, Michael showed up on Sarai’s doorstep in order to ask for a second date." And later on... "Even with their hectic schedules, they always found time for each other, and their relationship grew stronger even as they were apart. Given the dedication and care they had shown for each other, their engagement last summer was welcome news but hardly a surprise. Knowing, that after this, they will be living in the same city, for once able to see each other every single day, is a joy, and there is nothing that these two want or deserve more than to spend the rest of their lives together."

Sarai and Michael, thank you for the honor of being a part of this, your special day. May you be filled with the Best that this life has to offer for all your days together!

The photograph in this entry is from Annie Thress Photography. You can contact Annie at the link provided or call her at 614.598.7648.

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When Scott met Meagan...

When Scott met Meagan their lives would never be the same. They fell in love and decided to marry in Columbus, Ohio. It was a residential ceremony, and as their wedding officiant it was my pleasure to help these two love birds tie the knot and begin their married life together.

Scott is friends with a bride for whom I had officiated at OSU, which was one reason Scott & Meagan asked me to celebrate with them!

The above photo is sweet. Meagan's red shoes matching the other red items, her slight pout, and Scott's smile and gaze all engender a bit of curiosity and humor. You almost wonder what they were thinking about at the time. Plus, it's cute!

Kate Brewer, of Kathryn Brewer Photography took the photos in this entry. Kate's phone number is 440-623-9319 and her email is

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Days of Joy - Callie & Nick in Wapakoneta

Isn't this an amazing image of Callie & Nick? As a wedding officiant, my home base is Columbus Ohio, but I do travel when I am able to. We were at SoSerene in Wapakoneta Ohio to celebrate this incredible day in their lives.

In this next photograph, Nick waits with anticipation for his lovely bride.



Callie and Nick you are now husband and wife!

Why shouldn't you celebrate?











I did not want to complete this entry without this beautiful and touching image below.

Callie & Nick, may all your days be beautiful and blessed! All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Sara Horne of Sara Beth Photography. You can view more of Sara's great work at the link provided. Sara's phone number is 937-423-1727 and her email is

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Erin & Mark - Residential Wedding in Centerville, OH

I really enjoyed being with this great couple from West Virginia as they came to Ohio to celebrate their wedding with family. I love being the wedding officiant at residential celebrations when the bride and groom have so much feeling for each other. This couple does.

Here are some photos of their sand ceremony where their two girls had a chance to participate.

Exchanging rings.

I am going to let these remaining photos speak for themselves.

Isn't this so touching as they dance and embrace by the pool? Wishing you many great years ahead Erin and Mark!

All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Victoria Serruto of VS3 Studios. Click on the link provided to visit her website. You can call her directly at 937-760-8737.

Wendy & Robb - Wow!

"Hi Damian,
Wow!  What a wonderful experience.  We all had so much fun and loved every minute of it.  Also thank you for your kind words.  We did go last Friday and pick up our certificate from the courts and everything is running smoothly. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I come across that is planning a wedding.
I thought you were wonderful and everyone else thought so as well.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!"
I celebrated with them as their wedding officiant. These photos were taken by a friend of Wendy & Robb as they were married at the Chapel at Historic Village in Hilliard, Ohio.

Allison & Al - Wildwood Manor House, Toledo Ohio

They flew in from California, to have their wedding here in Ohio. Allison and Al are a great couple and we had a very pleasant afternoon at Wildwood Manor House in Toledo, Ohio. They needed a wedding officiant and I am very glad they contacted me to be a part of their special day.


You can find out more about their day and read what Allison had to share at the following link: Allison's review

Alicia & Paul - German Village Guest House, Columbus Ohio

Alicia and Paul celebrated their wedding in the way they wanted at the German Village Guest House in Columbus, Ohio. Small, intimate, warm, and beautiful. I enjoyed being their wedding officiant because they have such a sweet relationship. When I was with Paul and Alicia when we met before their ceremony at my office, they were so obviously meant for each other, and I felt the warmth of the love they share right from the beginning. In this first picture Alicia and Paul gaze upon each other. Their expression says it all.

The groom, Paul, and I cover some of the details of their ceremony before their special moment when they become husband and wife. 

       A few moments later Alicia arrays herself in beauty.






















Here is another shot from before their wedding ceremony.











Paul and Alicia together as one.




What an awesome moment as they celebrate their union with their first kiss as husband and wife!

All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Red Gallery Photography. Husband and wife team, Clay and Lisa Justice are great people to work with, and their artistic talent speaks for itself. I encourage you to visit their website by following the link provided, or give them a call at 614-794-1113.  

Heather & Bryan - Cheers Chalet, Lancaster Ohio

This was a truly touching wedding at Cheers Chalet with a great couple, Heather & Bryan. They are both very sweet and I really enjoyed being their wedding officiant. I had such a great time that I almost wish I could do their ceremony all over again!

"You may kiss the bride!" And, as you can see, they did! Aren't they just lovely together?

The whole story wouldn't be complete without another important member of this union, Heather's son, Cory! Here is the new family all together.

Bryan and Heather, may all your days together be filled with happiness and blessings!

All photographs in this entry courtesy of Brooke Vatter of Cherished Moments Photography. Click on the previous link to find out more. Brooke's phone number is 740-972-0641.

Marriage Insights - Saving Your Marriage

One of my favorite books to recommend to couples is "The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work" by John Gottman, PhD.

In chapter one page 4 he shares some insights on marriage and divorce. Let' read some of his thoughts:

"The chances of a first marriage ending in divorce over a forty-year period is 67%. Half of all divorces will occur in the first seven years. Some studies find the divorce rate for second marriages is as much as 10 percent higher than for first-timers."

"The chance of getting a divorce remains so high that it makes sense for all married couples-including those who are currently satisfied with their relationship-to put extra effort into their marriages to keep them strong."

One reason that I provide premarital and post-marital coaching is that I really care about your relationship and want your marriage to not only survive, but thrive.

Don't be fooled. No matter how much you love your fiance or spouse, to keep your marriage strong requires knowledge, work, and effort. It will not "just happen" all by itself. The work however, is well worth the lasting benefits of a strong and happy relationship that will affect so many areas of your life.

Michelle & Bryan - Heritage Golf Club

Michelle and Bryan celebrate their marriage with the Sand Ceremony, as I read selected wording as their wedding officiant. Their unique containers hold the sand that represents who they are as individuals. They combine the two colors in the center vase to represent their existence in marriage, no longer two but one new reality, husband and wife. It was very touching and meaningful. 

Here Michelle and Dad are drawn to the stirrings of her wedding. It's almost time for Michelle to walk the aisle and be presented by her father.

Here was a fun spot in their ceremony.

Father to daughter. Daughter to father. A priceless moment.

I love the expression on Michelle and Bryan's faces here. Celebrating the mystery of becoming husband and wife.

Now they walk into their future together. May their days as one always be blessed!

Lisa & John - SoSerene Venue in Wapakoneta, Ohio

Here is a beautiful couple celebrating their special day. John and Lisa had found each other unexpectedly. Starting as friends they later realized something more was at work. Now they are together for the rest of their lives. As their wedding officiant, I enjoyed witnessing and being a part of their marriage. This marriage has joined two families, with children Jake, JP, and sweet Lexi.

Here is another shot during their ceremony. Isn't John's expression great here?

A beautiful view at SoSerene wedding venue. Isn't it just lovely? You can see John & Lisa's children, Lexi, Jake, and PJ as this new family celebrates together. Very cool.

This is a very warm and friendly venue that is family-owned with a great atmosphere. For more information on this great wedding venue in Wapakoneta, Ohio click on this link SoSerene, or call Joy at 419-236-4937. Joy is the owner and she has done most of the artwork herself. I was amazed.

I hope to have more pictures of this beautiful couple and wedding soon. I plan to share them when I do and there will be some more shots of SoSerene as well.

Lisa & Bill - fun and friends

Okay, there are some couples that you just find it real easy to warm up to. Bill & Lisa were struck by what some might call fate. They were not looking for a relationship, but a chance meeting put them in each other's lives for good. Filled with warmth, good humor, and laughter, yet serious about their marriage, I had a lot of fun being the wedding officiant on their big day. They wrote a major part of their ceremony, too. It was about their destiny and how they gained each other. More to come. Very cool.

Why pick up your clothes?

Will she still love you if you don't pick them up? Probably. Has she requested it in some way and you have yet to respond? If so, maybe you should take what appears to be insignificant and re-think it. It may not mean something to you, but if it is important to her than remembering to do so is a good way to affirm her. Love in action is real love. Saying "I love you" has many forms.

Instead of seeing it as a chore see it as a love note instead. Every time you bend down and remove dirty clothes and place them in their designated place, you are saying,  "I value your wishes my darling, because I value you."

On the other hand, if he does not pick up his clothes please do not make the mistake of assuming that he does not love or value you. His disposition on such things may be far different than yours. You may be overly tense about it and he, seemingly over-relaxed. He may have legitimate reasons (upbringing, personality style) why he feels fine about leaving his clothes around, and he may not change quickly enough for your preferences.

So what is the answer when this problem exists? Forgive for your differences and talk it out. Talk it out until you understand each other concerning the issue. Do not fall into the trap of trying to prove to him why he needs to be a "good boy" and pick up his laundry. Ultimately, that will tend to drive him away. Husbands do not fall into the trap of belittling her desires and correcting her for being too tense. This will alienate her. Instead, get together on the issue and really listen with friendly concern for the other's feelings. Here's the problem... you may not find THE answer to THE problem (dirty clothes on floor and elsewhere). Here's the benefit...when you talk it out and really listen you will probably end up laughing, loving, and growing as husband and wife. And that IS the answer to all of your problems in marriage. And the love-relationship-over-time is what will motivate to change.

I used the husband as the awful offender with clothing in this entry. I did it only because this is how it is in most homes. However, the roles can be reversed here. If both are relaxed about it, well then it can oft-times be heard..."WHERE'S MY UNDERWEAR!"

Katherine & Traian - When sweet runs deep

Right when I saw this photo, something in my heart jumped. There is something here that you know exists just for this couple, but they have shared it and have given us a glimpse of the miracle that is their love.

I hope to have more photographs of this beautiful couple, Katherine & Traian posted soon.

It is moments like the one reflected in this shot, that is the reason I am in this marriage profession. You cannot put a price tag on the love that exists between a husband and wife.

It was a privilege to be their wedding officiant. I look forward to watching their love grow as the years pass.

Their ceremony was held at Wexner Park in New Albany.

When are you too old to hold hands?

Holding hands is one of the most basic ways for man and woman to say, "we are together". It tells your husband or wife that they are still the one for you. As a wedding officiant, I have the bride and groom face each other and hold hands during their ceremony. Why? Because the wedding ceremony and marriage is about them and their love for each other. Holding hands say, "I am the only one for you". It can serve as both a sign of romantic love and affirms the one-of-a-kind friendship that you have. It should be practiced your entire married life, daily or almost daily whenever possible. My wife and I have been married for more than 25 years and we still do. It reaffirms our love and friendship each time it's done. It's easy, uncomplicated, and it softly sends a big message. Another tool to keep your marriage together and your friendship strong.

So, when are you too old to hold hands?