Let's Celebrate! Allison & Thomas - Married!

Let's begin the wedding fun! Thomas and Allison celebrate their marriage in Columbus, Ohio. Officiant Damian King is off to the left, Brian from True Video wedding videographer captures imagesThe newly married couple, Allison and Thomas, are ecstatic at Heritage Golf Club in greater Columbus, Ohio.They could not have asked for a better day. As their officiant I had the honor of helping Allison and Thomas design a ceremony that was just right for them. They personalized it by exchanging vows they wrote to each other, and also by asking me to share stories about how they met and fell in love. It was an incredible celebration filled with love, laughter, and an abundance of good feelings by all those who attended in any capacity. Wedding officiant Damian King in Columbus Ohio at Heritage Golf ClubWedding officiant, Damian King, in Columbus, Ohio for a beautiful and solemn moment with Allison and Thomas.I had just pronounced them husband and wife and it was a very special moment when Allison and Thomas kissed. I have some video on this too. True Video filmed it but if you follow this link to the knot you can see this amazing ceremony kiss in the second video listed (as of today). Bride and groom's wedding day kiss, officiant Damian King looks onYou may kiss the bride! The newly married couple seal their moment at Heritage Golf Club, in greater Columbus, Ohio.You can see how happy Allison and Thomas are as they walk the aisle as husband and wife. Cool! The happy bride holds her bouquet in Columbus Ohio. Who has the marriage license?Allison & Thomas walk the aisle at Heritage Golf Club, Hilliard, Ohio.This photo should be in a magazine or on a TV commercial. The couple exits the stable with an incredible horse... best man standing to the left and the bridesmaids to the right. Truly picturesque. Beautiful bride with groom. Best man and bridesmaids in this Red Gallery photoThomas and Allison enjoy more company after their wedding in Columbus, Ohio.Who can put a price on a moment like this? A sweet gaze of love and friendship. "I will love you for all of my life." This couple had a wonderful journey to find each other and some magical moments where they had a taste of eternity. Here is an actual section of their ceremony, keep reading...Red Gallery Photography captures Allison and Thomas' loving embraceMarried to the one I love. Thomas and Allison on their wedding day. "Their paths crossed and an inexplicable, never before felt electricity surged through her body and she felt as if time had come to a brief stand still.  They were experiencing a divine moment that would begin the journey of their lives together. On the stairs she asked if he was “the Hungarian” that the fellas were talking about.  The beauty in this is found in the fact that there are not many Hungarians in Chicago, and they both share a Hungarian lineage." What was Thomas experiencing?  In the grooms own words, “I was floored by her immediately.” There is more to their story and we also shared these words at their wedding having to do with the early days of their relationship... A sweet kiss, Allison and Thomas. Marriage license has been signedSweet moments not soon to be forgotten. My wife, my husband, "I am yours.""Throughout that entire weekend, they were giddy as school children with their hidden feelings for one another.  An amazing photo, Lisa from Red Gallery Photography captures bride and groomRight now, all I see is you. Will you be my love? As the weekend on the farm came to a close, Thomas said his farewells to the amazing family he had just met, but they were both secretly thinking within themselves of when would be the next time they would be able to gaze upon one another." Beautiful wedding, Officiant Damian King, was glad to be a part in Columbus Ohio"All of life is sweeter, with you by my side." Allison and Thomas in Columbus, Ohio.This leads us to the story of their first kiss, also part of their ceremony... "Some romantic encounters laced with destiny and magic are found only in fantasy, but when Thomas and Allison first kissed they both said to themselves independently of each other, 'I am not going to mess this one up.' Something divine was at work and it caused these two people to know and understand that they were meant for each other."

Now married, Allison and Thomas in Columbus, Ohio with wedding at venue, Heritage GolfAllison and Thomas - Ready for life together after their wedding at Heritage Golf Club in Hilliard Ohio.

The photographs in this entry are the work of Lisa Hernadez of Red Gallery Photography. Clay Justice and Lisa are husband and wife team and their work simply speaks for itself. Amazing. Please contact Clay or Lisa by clicking on the link provided or by calling 614-794-1113. Their email is and their office in in greater Columbus, Ohio.

Thomas and Allison, thanks for asking me to be a part of what you have found in each other as your wedding officiant. It is my privilege to have celebrated with you on your special day!

Throughout that entire weekend, they were giddy as school children with their hidden feelings for one another.  As the weekend on the farm came to a close, Thomas said his farewells to the amazing family he had just met, but they were both secretly thinking within themselves of when would be the next time they would be able to gaze upon one another. 


Love's not a fight...Is it?

In the grassy fields close to Scioto Reserve, a wedding venue near Columbus, Ohio, Christine and Bill were ready for anything! As their wedding officiant, I enjoyed many fun moments with this couple. They were not going to let me leave until I married them and signed the paperwork - Otherwise I would be nerfed to death.

Not wanting to face such a fate, I decided to stay...and, thankfully for me, it turned out to be a beautiful ceremony...

They were a lot more friendly after the ceremony was complete. No weapons present. Whew!

Still making sure I would get it right, they waited patiently....

Bill & Christine were truly a wonderful couple. Light hearted and happy, there were heartfelt emotions expressed during their ceremony and fun and jokes as well.

Below they exchange a memorable wedding day kiss. I love the way this photo coordinates with the colors, the position of the bride and groom, her flowers, his hand. Nice job Little Tree Studios! (more info below this image).

All images in this entry are from Little Tree Studios and the fine work of Kyle Muza and her husband Steve Muza. Please visit their website by selecting the link provided. Kyle's phone number is 614-985-1671 and her email is

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Lei & Jeff - The Blackwell at OSU

Here is a couple I will not soon forget. I had the honor of being the wedding officiant at the Blackwell at OSU in Columbus, Ohio for this beautiful couple, Lei & Jeff! The following photographs are truly precious. It is as if you can actually feel their love for each other as you view these images. I will let the next few speak for themselves...

Here is a small part of the story of their love that was actually read as part of their ceremony. I enjoyed every precious moment...

"As we reflect on the journey traveled thus far by Lei and Jeff, it is truly a beautiful story. Even though Lei and Jeff were both born and raised from a country halfway around the world, they met and fell in love here at OSU. It was by the steps of Fisher that they made a promise, a promise to journey together, to walk side by side in both joyful and challenging times. We are together here today at this symbolic location, to witness the marriage of Lei and Jeff, as they take another significant step together on their journey through life."

Below they share in their sand ceremony which reflects the joining of their lives as one. A man and woman, now husband and wife. The most incredible union known on earth.

Below is a moment of joyous celebration! Weddings should be joyful, fun, happy and personal; something that the bride and groom will remember for a lifetime.

A final shot filled with flair! Lei & Jeff are not only very much in love with each other, they also are very sweet people who love life and try to enjoy the good things found along the way. They are happy to be taking this journey together!

I wish you, Lei & Jeff all the Best that this life has to offer. May your years be rich and blessed.

All their photographs were by the same photographer listed in an earlier bog entry. They have asked not to be credited due to moving out of the wedding industry. I really wish I could credit them, because they do marvelous work. My deepest thanks for the use of your photos.

The other vendors who served Lei & Jeff were of course, The Blackwell. Call and talk to Blaire Blechinger (614) 247-4006 who will give you amazing service. Nathan Nazack of Prodigy Video (614) 321-9350 was their wonderful videographer. Their live music was performed by Fiddles and Faces.

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Mark & Sarah marry at Darby House

As their wedding officiant, I had the pleasure of performing the ceremony for this great couple at the Darby House. Columbus, Ohio offers many fine venues and this one is amazing. It actually is situated in Galloway, Ohio, and is filled with charm and beauty.

Sarah's beautiful train caught quite a bit of attention!

 An awesome view of the Darby House from inside...

Congratulations, Mark and Sarah! I wish you both all the best in your years together as husband and wife!

The photographer for this wedding asked to remain anonymous as he is very busy taking pictures in another industry.

Pam & Rick at Franklin Park Conservatory

Wedding officiant Damian King with RickFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King and RickHaving a wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio is always such a great experience. After Pam and Rick asked me to be their wedding officiant I had the pleasure of celebrating their union in the Palm House. The Palm House may be hot, but it is still a cool place to tie the knot!

I apologize for the lame humor, but I couldn't resist. Besides, Pam and Rick were a lot of fun to celebrate with! There were many smiles, some jokes, and a great deal of fun and joy as this couple became husband and wife. In this picture to the left, Rick and I are waiting peacefully for Pam who can be seen in the foreground during her bridal walk.





Their ceremony is now underway as I adjust my glasses.

Wedding officiant Damian King with Pam and RickFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King with Pam and Rick

Something funny is now said. I can't remember if it was me, Pam or Rick who said it, but we were all enjoying the moment.

Damian King the wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park ConservatoryFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King with Pam and Rick 2Pam and Rick exchange vows. Let's be sure the ring is secure.

Ring Ceremony with wedding officiant Damian King in ColumbusFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King with Pam and Rick 3Sweet feelings arise. I just love their expressions.

In Columbus Ohio with wedding officiant Damian King at Franklin Park ConservatoryFranklin Park Conservatory Wedding - Damian King, OfficiantNow, their sand ceremony with their children's involvement. How cool is that?

Sand Ceremony with wedding officiant Damian KingSand Ceremony at Franklin Park Conservatory - Damian King OfficiantWedding officiant Damian King pronounces Pam and Rick husband and wife at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioPam and Rick now Husband and Wife - Franklin Park Conservatory 


Pam and Rick are excited to be husband and wife!









Wedding officiant Damian King watches Pam kiss Rick at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioPam says, "Let's Kiss" - Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory











Come here my love, let's kiss!

Wedding officiant Damian King from United Marriage Services LLC watching kiss at Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus OhioPam and Rick Kiss - Wedding at Franklin Park Conservatory





















Although spontaneous, Rick agrees. Damian King as wedding officiant with Pam and Rick in Palm House weddingPam and Rick in Palm House, Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park Conservatory





















Rick's smile tells it all. Wedding Officiant Damian King in Palm House in Columbus Ohio with Pam and RickPam and Rick in Palm House, Columbus Ohio at Franklin Park Conservatory 2


















Tearful joy and sheer contentment!


Pam and Rick, thanks for asking me to be a part of this awesome day! May you enjoy all your days together and may they be filled with much love, joy, and zest for life!


All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Open Prism Photography and the artistic work of Rebekah King. Rebekah can be contacted by calling 614-653-9082. You can also visit her website by following the link provided.

Violinist, Connie Anderson, filled the air with beautiful music. Connie can be reached by calling 614-746-0393.      Her email is

Days of Joy - Callie & Nick in Wapakoneta

Isn't this an amazing image of Callie & Nick? As a wedding officiant, my home base is Columbus Ohio, but I do travel when I am able to. We were at SoSerene in Wapakoneta Ohio to celebrate this incredible day in their lives.

In this next photograph, Nick waits with anticipation for his lovely bride.



Callie and Nick you are now husband and wife!

Why shouldn't you celebrate?











I did not want to complete this entry without this beautiful and touching image below.

Callie & Nick, may all your days be beautiful and blessed! All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Sara Horne of Sara Beth Photography. You can view more of Sara's great work at the link provided. Sara's phone number is 937-423-1727 and her email is

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Jaime & Janae - Cheers Chalet, Lancaster OH

Here is a bride and groom I will not soon forget. As a wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio (sometimes called a wedding minister), I have the privilege of getting to know so many wonderful couples. Jaime and his lovely bride, Janae, were married at Cheers Chalet in Lancaster, Ohio.

                                            Jaime and Janae were kind enough to share some photographs with me so that you can share a bit of their day by reading my blog. 

















Jaime and Janae share their first kiss as husband and wife! What a special moment. Here is a portion of their ceremony before they kiss, said with much celebration: "Jaime and Janae, now that you have exchanged your vows on this beautiful day of celebration and joy, and along with you family, friends, and honored guests wishing you many long years of happiness, prosperity and love. It is my honor and privilege to now pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride!" 










The happy couple surrounded by bubbles and love!





















Here is another great shot as husband and wife.



















I love the look of contentment on Janae's face and joy on Jaime's as they bask in the glow of married love filling the air. Jaime & Janae, may all your days be filled with abundant blessings from this day forward!

Turning Conflict into Dialogue Part 2 of 2

As a marriage coach and wedding officiant in Columbus Ohio, it is my aim to not only officiate for couples on their wedding day, but to strengthen marriages for life as well. This is part 2 of 2 of an earlier entry.

It takes two to tango.

Both must be willing to discuss matters even though communication styles most likely differ in significant ways. You need to talk and communicate in marriage regularly and consistently and abide by the “rules” of healthy dialogue.

An argument can lead to dialogue, but if it does not then it usually involves blame, shame and proving who is right and who is wrong. It is a win/lose scenario where somebody wins and the other party loses, and in marriage since the goal should be to discover ways to strengthen your relationship nobody wins if somebody is out to win. The one who “wins” may feel good and validated as a person in the short run, but lose intimacy with the other in the long run. This is very dangerous to your marriage.

When you find yourself arguing about something pose the question, “Can we dialogue about this instead?” Better yet, when there is a point of potential contention that is important to you to discuss, ask your marriage partner, “Can we get together to dialogue about something?” and then schedule a definite time to talk. Schedule it immediately if possible; not “whenever”.

Healthy dialogue builds a relationship and says to your marriage partner, “I respect and love you.”  By making dialogue the primary way to communicate in your relationship you will build a stronger, happier, healthier marriage…even when your conflicting ideas and disagreements still exist. Over time as you continue to practice the respect dialogue brings, many of your disagreements will get worked out.

Practice healthy dialogue for the future of your marriage and your relationship.

Erin & Mark - Residential Wedding in Centerville, OH

I really enjoyed being with this great couple from West Virginia as they came to Ohio to celebrate their wedding with family. I love being the wedding officiant at residential celebrations when the bride and groom have so much feeling for each other. This couple does.

Here are some photos of their sand ceremony where their two girls had a chance to participate.

Exchanging rings.

I am going to let these remaining photos speak for themselves.

Isn't this so touching as they dance and embrace by the pool? Wishing you many great years ahead Erin and Mark!

All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Victoria Serruto of VS3 Studios. Click on the link provided to visit her website. You can call her directly at 937-760-8737.

Wendy & Robb - Wow!

"Hi Damian,
Wow!  What a wonderful experience.  We all had so much fun and loved every minute of it.  Also thank you for your kind words.  We did go last Friday and pick up our certificate from the courts and everything is running smoothly. I will definitely recommend you to anyone that I come across that is planning a wedding.
I thought you were wonderful and everyone else thought so as well.
Thanks again and have a wonderful day!"
I celebrated with them as their wedding officiant. These photos were taken by a friend of Wendy & Robb as they were married at the Chapel at Historic Village in Hilliard, Ohio.

Allison & Al - Wildwood Manor House, Toledo Ohio

They flew in from California, to have their wedding here in Ohio. Allison and Al are a great couple and we had a very pleasant afternoon at Wildwood Manor House in Toledo, Ohio. They needed a wedding officiant and I am very glad they contacted me to be a part of their special day.


You can find out more about their day and read what Allison had to share at the following link: Allison's review

Alicia & Paul - German Village Guest House, Columbus Ohio

Alicia and Paul celebrated their wedding in the way they wanted at the German Village Guest House in Columbus, Ohio. Small, intimate, warm, and beautiful. I enjoyed being their wedding officiant because they have such a sweet relationship. When I was with Paul and Alicia when we met before their ceremony at my office, they were so obviously meant for each other, and I felt the warmth of the love they share right from the beginning. In this first picture Alicia and Paul gaze upon each other. Their expression says it all.

The groom, Paul, and I cover some of the details of their ceremony before their special moment when they become husband and wife. 

       A few moments later Alicia arrays herself in beauty.






















Here is another shot from before their wedding ceremony.











Paul and Alicia together as one.




What an awesome moment as they celebrate their union with their first kiss as husband and wife!

All photographs in this entry are courtesy of Red Gallery Photography. Husband and wife team, Clay and Lisa Justice are great people to work with, and their artistic talent speaks for itself. I encourage you to visit their website by following the link provided, or give them a call at 614-794-1113.  

Lisa & Bill - Elegance & Style

Joy and excitement fill the air! The lovely bride makes her walk. Just by the expression on her face you can sense the depth of feeling she has for her groom. It was a real pleasure being the wedding officiant for Lisa & Bill. This is the moment she has been waiting for, and now it's here. Being of part of this experience brings joy to me, and so often I feel so honored.










From the steps of the rich staircase at Whispering Winds Manor in Crestline , Ohio, I solemnize their marriage with joy and a sense of wonder. This day is like no other for them, and therefore like no other for me. Each wedding is different and unique, almost like a fingerprint.

Here they enjoy their sand cermony. If you look through the empty vase you can see the tasteful blend of red and white sand, layering inside their center vase, the vase they will keep in their home to remember that they are no longer two, but one in marriage.

Marriage Insights - Saving Your Marriage

One of my favorite books to recommend to couples is "The Seven Principles For Making Marriage Work" by John Gottman, PhD.

In chapter one page 4 he shares some insights on marriage and divorce. Let' read some of his thoughts:

"The chances of a first marriage ending in divorce over a forty-year period is 67%. Half of all divorces will occur in the first seven years. Some studies find the divorce rate for second marriages is as much as 10 percent higher than for first-timers."

"The chance of getting a divorce remains so high that it makes sense for all married couples-including those who are currently satisfied with their relationship-to put extra effort into their marriages to keep them strong."

One reason that I provide premarital and post-marital coaching is that I really care about your relationship and want your marriage to not only survive, but thrive.

Don't be fooled. No matter how much you love your fiance or spouse, to keep your marriage strong requires knowledge, work, and effort. It will not "just happen" all by itself. The work however, is well worth the lasting benefits of a strong and happy relationship that will affect so many areas of your life.

Michelle & Bryan - Heritage Golf Club

Michelle and Bryan celebrate their marriage with the Sand Ceremony, as I read selected wording as their wedding officiant. Their unique containers hold the sand that represents who they are as individuals. They combine the two colors in the center vase to represent their existence in marriage, no longer two but one new reality, husband and wife. It was very touching and meaningful. 

Here Michelle and Dad are drawn to the stirrings of her wedding. It's almost time for Michelle to walk the aisle and be presented by her father.

Here was a fun spot in their ceremony.

Father to daughter. Daughter to father. A priceless moment.

I love the expression on Michelle and Bryan's faces here. Celebrating the mystery of becoming husband and wife.

Now they walk into their future together. May their days as one always be blessed!

Lisa & John - SoSerene Venue in Wapakoneta, Ohio

Here is a beautiful couple celebrating their special day. John and Lisa had found each other unexpectedly. Starting as friends they later realized something more was at work. Now they are together for the rest of their lives. As their wedding officiant, I enjoyed witnessing and being a part of their marriage. This marriage has joined two families, with children Jake, JP, and sweet Lexi.

Here is another shot during their ceremony. Isn't John's expression great here?

A beautiful view at SoSerene wedding venue. Isn't it just lovely? You can see John & Lisa's children, Lexi, Jake, and PJ as this new family celebrates together. Very cool.

This is a very warm and friendly venue that is family-owned with a great atmosphere. For more information on this great wedding venue in Wapakoneta, Ohio click on this link SoSerene, or call Joy at 419-236-4937. Joy is the owner and she has done most of the artwork herself. I was amazed.

I hope to have more pictures of this beautiful couple and wedding soon. I plan to share them when I do and there will be some more shots of SoSerene as well.

Michelle & Tom - Hilton Columbus at Easton

Congratulations,          Tom and Michelle!       You are now husband and wife.

It was a real joy to be the wedding officiant for this lovely couple. They wanted a wedding that was soft, simple, and reflective of the love they share and how they feel about each other. We  accomplished that and it was an honor to be part. They rediscovered their love for each other. Their marriage came at the right time.

Easton Towne Center in Columbus, Ohio provides a great backdrop for their wedding photos here.








I love the expression on Tom's face here. Michelle seems deeply contented. It was very sweet.

A few more photos to enjoy.






I love the flowers and blurred effect in this one.


















Michelle and Tom, may your days together be long, many, and blessed.


All photos in this entry courtesy of April Moening. To contact April follow this link to April Moening Photography.